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Thread: Sirius' Arrest

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    Sirius' Arrest

    So I know that it completely looked like Sirius murdered Peter and he was a Death Eater. But this has always bothered me... Why didn't they check his arm for a Dark Mark? Are they only visible when Voldemort is strong, because I remember in GoF Snape talking about the mark getting darker. If that is the case, I get why they didn't check. But if not, wouldn't that have been the easiest way to figure out if he was truly a Death Eater? On another note, if Peter did get a Dark Mark while being a spy, he did a good job of hiding it from his friends.

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    Well, not everyone working for Voldemort has a Dark Mark; Fenrir Greyback doesn't, and I don't think that Voldemort would insist that every person who entered his service would have one. He's not stupid; he'd know that branding a spy would blow his cover as soon as someone glimpsed his arm, and I'm sure the Ministry would know that too, thus the absence of a Dark Mark on Sirius wouldn't have proved his innocence.

    I highly doubt that Peter would have had his Dark Mark while working as a spy, but rather he got his later when Voldemort returned in GoF.

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    Also, it seems like the Mark may have been somewhat of an honor - can't it be used to summon Voldemort himself? So, he would only want his closets and most important DEs to have it.

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    But many people insisted that Sirius was one of Voldemort's most important servants, and some said he was Voldemort's right-hand man. Dunno why they didn't check for the mark. Perhaps the murder was just so obvious--after all, he was right in the middle of it, in broad daylight.


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    Not everyone knew about the Dark Marks. Sirius had no idea what Harry was talking about when he told him about Snape and Karkarovs conversation. No one was going to publicise the fact that they were a DE before Voldemort had truly gained power. Snape shows his Mark to Fudge who visibly flinches; he comes across as ignorant of the branding.

    My own feeling is that the Dark Marks could well have been invisible unless Voldemort required them to be visible, or make them burn. I can't see Death Eaters wearing long sleeves all the time, and it would be so easy to see the mark on someone's arm.

    With Sirius, he didn't deny anything. He was unhinged for a long while and didn't get a trial. There would have been no need to check, even if they had known about the marks.

    Peter may have got the Dark Mark later - perhaps when he handed over the information about James and Lily.


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    I'm pretty sure he was arrested at the scene of the crime as well, where all the so-called evidence was, so that was probably enough for the Ministry.
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    Yeah, I've just always kind of wondered. I mean a lot of people were arrested without a trial and stuff. And there was just so much evidence against Sirius. But then again, they live in a world with magic where someone could make themselves easily disappear like Peter did. They were relying on Muggle's accounts who had no idea about what magic can do to fake your own death. I guess it's easy to think this way when you know the truth...

    Sirius had no idea what Harry was talking about when he told him about Snape and Karkarovs conversation.
    I have a feeling Sirius may have known that people were branded with Dark Marks. He did spend 13 years in Azkaban along with Death Eaters. If he didn't know what Harry was talking about it was probably more due to the fact Harry had no clue what the conversation was about and didn't know how to describe what happened. Also, I think Aurors would know what a Dark Mark is, just from arresting Death Eaters.

    I can't see Death Eaters wearing long sleeves all the time, and it would be so easy to see the mark on someone's arm.
    I kind of always pictured Death Eaters always wearing robes, which I can't picture without long sleeves. I see them as the type of people who hate to dress like Muggles. But that's just me.

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