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Thread: Harry's Grandparents

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    Hello Hayden,
    If you Google "JK Rowling" and "Black Family Tree" or some version of the above, I believe you will find your answer. It is also on the Lexicon. JKR has posted a family tree which shows all of the Blacks and some of the Malfoys and it's available all over.
    I hope that helps,

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    Harry's Grandparents

    Right. Who were Harry's grandparents? I think the names are Dorea Black and Charlus Potter...And if those are it--even if they aren't, can I have the pronunciations of those two names?


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    This is a topic that has been discussed numerous times. It certainly would be possible that Charlus and Dorea could be Harry's grandparents, but I almost feel like Sirius would have pointed them out to Harry if that were true. James' parents were very good to him after Sirius ran away, letting him stay with them, and Sirius would likely mention that.

    More likely Charlus was just another member of the Potter family, possibly a cousin of Harry's grandfather.

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    But Charlus Potter does exist? And he was married to Dorea Black? And who were Dorea Black's immediate relatives? (mother, brothers, sisters, father)

    Sirius didn't point out any names at all, so even if it wasn't Charlus and Dorea, we don't know any other people who could've been it...maybe the details were edited out? It probably didn't contribute to the plot...


    Any input would be appreciated.


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    All we know about them canonically is that they had James when they were fairly old and thus died of old age sometime before James and Lily do but after Sirius runs away from home.

    In theory Charlus and Dorea's dates don't match up to be old enough to be James's parents.

    You're probably fine making up names if you want.

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    Dorea died reasonably young (57). JKR has told us that James Potters parents were elderly when they had him. He was a surprise baby and totally indulged. Dorea would have been forty in 1960 (James' year of birth) That's not old to have a kid, especially if you're a witch.

    Also there's no birth or death date for Charlus. James' parents were dead before James and Lily died (according to JKR.) If she'd wanted Charlus and Dorea to be James' parents she wouldn't have put unnamed son on the tree.

    Plus Sirius would have mentioned it when he was looking at the tree. Perhaps Charlus is some old eccentric Uncle.

    Dorea was the sister of Marius (blasted off for being a Squib), Cassiopeia, and Pollux Black. Pollux was Walburga's dad, making Dorea Sirius' great aunt. James would have been his firstcousin once removed - that's far too close a relationship not to have mentioned.


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