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    DADA teachers

    Is it canon or fanon that every DADA teacher has only lasted a year since whoever had the job when Tom Riddle was at school retired? Professor Merry something?

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    100% canon. I can't find my HBP right now, but after the memory of Tom Riddle applying for the job, Harry asks somehting about if he seriously wanted the job, and Dumbledore says yes, as they've never kept a DADA teacher for longer than a year since that day (Voldemort also touches his wand in that scene).
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    Voldemoert tried to take the job after Professor Merrythought retired, and he was denied the job by Dumbledore, and it was that which led to the position being curse. It was essentially Voldemort throwing a temper tantrum.

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    Ah, ok, that's what I thought. Hmm... now I need to figure out how to write this bit.

    Related question: When exactly did Voldemort ask for this position? He wouldn't have asked right after he graduated, would he?

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    When exactly did Voldemort ask for this position? He wouldn't have asked right after he graduated, would he?

    No, I believe he worked at Borgin and Burkes for a while first.

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    Voldemort talks about Dumbledore getting the position of Headmaster, which reads like it's happened recently, perhaps in the past year, possibly two. The Lexicon puts the year he became Headmaster as 1955, but there are contradictions. Lupin talks about how it looked like he wouldn't be able to get into Hogwarts, but then Dumbledore's appointment changed things. Lupin wouldn't have been born in 1955, which goes against that date. I think the 1955 date comes from McGonagall saying that she'd been Transfiguration teacher for however many years in OoTP, so most people assume that's when Dumbledore became Headmaster, unless there was two teachers of that subject for a time. Or Lupin was exaggerating his story.

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    When exactly did Voldemort ask for this position? He wouldn't have asked right after he graduated, would he?

    He applied for it when he graduated, but Professor Dippit (who was headmaster then) said he was too young for the position and suggested he apply for it in a few years. The position was also being taught by a Professor Merrythought, who was retiring soon. There was no curse after Professor Dippit's refusal. I would make the assumption that this is because Voldemort acknowledged that Professor Dippit had given a logical reason for refusing to grant him the post.

    A few years later Voldemort applied for it again. This time Professor Dumbledore was Headmaster. Professor Dumbledore flat out refused to grant Voldemort the position without giving any reason for his refusal. It can be assumed that this greatly irritated/angered Voldemort, and he retaliated. (For good reason. He clearly was qualified for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post, it can be assumed that there was no current teacher because of Professor Merrythought's retirement, and Dumbledore didn't even give a reason. It would have irritated/angered me too.)

    All the information can be found on page 369 pages 430-432 and 440-446 in the American (Scholastic) hardcover edition of The Half-Blood Prince or in Chapter Twenty: Lord Voldemort's Request and Chapter Seventeen: A Sluggish Memory.

    Hope this helps


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