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Thread: Spells for Healers

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    Spells for Healers

    I'm writing a story in which Molly and Arthur find out that they are expecting Fred and George. How would Healers go about finding those type of things out, like the gender of unborn babies?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Since this isn't discussed in the books, I think you have a lot of leeway. You could use either potions or spells - such as, a potion that maybe she drinks and it shows the gender of the baby through color or something. Or, something enchanted that works more like an x-ray. Or, a spell - maybe the healer does some sort of spell and it detects whether the baby is a boy and girl and then emits some sort of signal.

    Good luck with your story! (:

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    I was thinking I'd have to make something up. I've got to do it fast, though, because this is for the Great Hall Christmas Challenge! I only have the prologue approved so far... I hope I can get it in on time!

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