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Thread: Positive Slytherin Qualities

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    Positive Slytherin Qualities

    I was trying to list out the positive and negative qualities/characteristics for the students in each house and sadly I'm coming up short on positive attributes for Slytherin students. I can only think of ambition and resourcefulness. Is there anymore you guys can think of?

    I wouldn't mind your opinions of the other houses as well.

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    Post 2 - After AidaLuthien

    I think Slytherin's are sly and cunning, good at coming up with plans. They think ahead, they don't run into a battle out of an act of adrenaline and bravery. They go in there with a strong idea of what they want to achieve, and how they're going to get there. If they don't enter the battle, it is because they know that they will not survive. They do what is best for them, as stated in Aida's post, and they don't worry about how others see them. Of course they do to some extent, and not every Slytherin will be exactly as I said above. But just because you are in a certain house, doesn't mean you have to have all of those characteristics.

    There was a big discussion on the houses a while ago, but I'm not sure where to find them/ if they're still here. Anyone know?

    Feel free to disagree with anything I have stated.

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    For a very interesting discussion on this very thing, I'd suggest Inverarity's Hogwarts: Houses Divided.

    I believe the Slytherin claims that the best thing about being Slytherin is not caring what others think. It's being out for yourself, to some extent yes, but not being defined by how others see you - and not caring. A Gryffindor cares if others don't see him as brave, a Ravenclaw if others don't see him as smart. A Slytherin doesn't care one way or the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annalise
    There was a big discussion on the houses a while ago, but I'm not sure where to find them/ if they're still here. Anyone know?
    I think you're referring to the threads in Remus' Reflections a couple of months ago when the mods were re-visiting the sorting quiz. I'm not sure if they're still in there though.

    I have to agree with Annalise's post and it goes hand in hand with resourcefulness as well. Slytherins know what they want and how to go about getting it. They are driven by their ambition, this ambition is brought into reality through their cunning and resourcefulness, and what other people think is not of concern to them.

    They also try not to wear their true emotions on their sleeves. They don't like to show weakness or anything that might be considered as such. Whether or not this counts as a positive attribute is entirely up to you. To a Slytherin it is definitely a strength and yet to someone else it could be construed as a weakness.

    Personally, I think both the negative and positive attributes of a Slytherin are quite grey. Some may say ambition is not a good thing, especially when you cross certain boundaries for it, whereas to someone else ambition is the sole driving force of what you achieve in life and if so, then it must be a positive. These are just some thoughts to consider.

    I hope this helps.

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    Slytherins are strategic, which can be a good quality. They think before they act. I always kind of imagine Slytherins as being able to see things in more than one way, as their house is a very grey house (meaning that a lot of their attributes may be considered bad or good), so they'd be able to see things in situations that others wouldn't. Slytherins seem to know how people tick, as they can manipulate them in order to get what they need. They are cunning, which can be a very good quality, especially when things need to get done. Ambition can also be good, because if you don't have ambition, you don't get anything done.
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    Slytherins are known for being highly ambitious. While this can mean they will mow down anyone who gets in their way, it can be a good quality as well, as long as they decided to use their powers for good. Image if a group of Slytherins decided they were going to take down the Carrows when they took over Hogwarts, they would be the ones who would end up getting it done, long before the Trio ever got there.

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    Image if a group of Slytherins decided they were going to take down the Carrows when they took over Hogwarts, they would be the ones who would end up getting it done, long before the Trio ever got there.
    Stop giving me plotbunnies, Molly!

    Anyways, on to the discussion. And I'm a huge Slytherin-love so I have a LOT to say on that matter. Prepare yourself.

    I think Slytherins get a rep that they often do not deserve, that stems from Harry being in a house that rivals Slytherins. This rivalry has stemmed from what happened between their founders 1000 years ago. Sure if you look at people like Draco and Pansy, you automatically get a bad taste in your mouth. But these are because these are the ones who stand out the most in Harry's POV. But we are talking about maybe a fourth of the students in a house of (if there are 1000 students in Hogwarts, in divide that evenly by four) 250 students, you can't really judge by them.

    If you go off of what the Sorting Hat says you get a different POV:

    Or perhaps in Slytherin
    You'll make your real friends,
    Those cunning folks use any means
    To achieve their ends.
    And power-hungry Slytherin
    loved those of great ambition.
    Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those
    Whose ancestry's purest."
    You have a few qualifying factors: 'cunning' 'ambition' and 'purity'. But we know by the amount of halfbloods in the Slytherin, that the sorting hat overlooks this trait when the others are prominent. Cunning and ambition, like bravery and honor are in themselves, not bad things. It really depends on what you use this trait for. Honor can be bad if someone has a distorted since of what is honorable. Ambition can be a bad sense, if you are a Voldemort who wants to destroy the Muggles. But honor is good when you thing when you have a true sense of it, and ambition is good if you have good goals.

    For example, look at some of the known Slytherins, the ones that people SO easily forget about. Such as Andromeda. Her ambition was to be with the man she loved, Muggleborn or not, and she was willing to do anything, anything to be with him--including walking away from her family. It must have been terrifying. But she did it--because she was ambitious enough too.

    And how about Regulus? Granted he became a Death Eater, but he did so straight from school as I believe most of these people did. I believe a lot of people going in had no idea what Voldemort was really like. They were a group of friends pressured into an illusion of how great something will be, lied to so that it looks better than it actually is. I believe most of the Slytherins at this time period got pulled it much the same way that young teenagers get pulled into occults. They are young, naive, and have no idea what the world, and then they realize that this man is nothing like they imagined. I believe this was what happened in Regulus' case--not to mention the obvious pressure of his own family. And when he found out it wasn't what everyone had made him believe, what did he do? Many people would have just ducked their heads down and admitted that they were doomed. They would rather be evil than be dead.

    Regulus, however, out of his guest to get revenge on Voldemort or to try to redeem himself, he did everything he took to destroy a piece of Voldemort. He was cunning enough to figure out about the Horocrux's and ambitious enough to get one knowing he would die. This is another example of Slytherin ambition.

    And then there was Severus Snape, who despite what Dumbledore said, was put into exactly the right house. His Slytherin ambition, his willingness to do anything, anything for the one he loved, including changing sides (knowing if Voldie ever found out -- he would die) and spending the rest of his life protecting a kid he despised and even killing Dumbledore, is another example.

    And what about the unknown Slytherins? Maybe someone had the goal to free house elves and would do anything, anything, to get it done. Or maybe a group of Slytherins decided they wanted to stand against the Heir of Slytherin (Slytherin has never been code for prejudice after all; purity was a trait, not prejudice) and were willing to do anything to prove to their house that the Heir is wrong, like is the plotline in one of my stories?

    I could go on and on about personal ambitions, but this post is getting way too long as it is.

    So the Slytherin traits can be used for good, but we also have to realize that Slytherin is not made up of carbon copies of each other. The people in it don't have such and such negative traits and such and such positive ones. It is filled with extraordinary different people with one or two traits in common--that can be used for bad or good--who also have lots of other traits. They can be loyal as a Hufflepuff, smart as a Ravenclaw, or brave as a Gryffindor. People are different and complicated and twisted. And nobody belongs in boxes.

    Okay I'm done. I know, I hear all your sighs of relief. I do hope this helped though.

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    Another positive Slytherin trait would be charm. It goes along with cunning and ambition, of course, but I think a lot of Slytherins have a good sense of charm, and the ability to put people at ease, flatter them, etc. While they wouldn't *like* it, a lot of them would probably be great at sales or customer service. Snape seems to be an exception, but somehow, he got both Voldemort and Dumbledore to trust him, so he can't be that much of an exception. And you can bet that Lucius' influence didn't come entirely from his money (although, that obviously played a part).

    People skills. As long as they aren't overtly displaying their rivalry, they've got them.

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