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Thread: Four Candle Christmas Challenge~ RESULTS

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    Name: Meg
    House: Ravenclaw
    Colors: Red and Green
    Title: A Red Christmas Tree
    Word Count: 498
    Authors Note: Just made it on time!

    I roll over out of the white silk sheets, which adorn every bed at Malfoy Manor. Draco's still snoring on the other side of the bed. “Draco,” I shake him. He eyes poke out at me from under the covers. “I’m going home to get everything ready.” Draco grunts, but I really didn’t expect anything else from him before breakfast. I consider for a moment, the idea of getting Draco to help me with our preparations. But, Draco’s extremely grumpy without a full twelve hours of sleep and I really don’t want a grumpy Draco ruining my Christmas. So I let him sleep.

    My bare feet touch on the cold marble floor and I mentally curse Draco’s family. Why couldn’t they put in muggle heating? I hop over to my red slippers and wander down the stairs, still wearing my red flannel pajamas. On the way down the stairs, Mr. Malfoy gives me a disapproving look as we pass each other.

    I pass the gigantic fir-tree, which despite the golden balls that adorn every dark green branch and the golden star, about fifty feet off the ground, isn’t a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is a red fir-tree so covered with so many decorations that you can barely see the actual tree.

    My father, who is a die-hard Gryffindor, began the tradition of having a red Christmas tree from the time that Daph got sorted into Slytherin. (I think he was feeling outnumbered by Slytherins.) The Christmas tree, in the hall of Malfoy Manor is about as anti-Christmas tree as it is possible to get. Luckily, Christmas is being held at Draco and my house.

    Next to the fireplace is a bucket of floo powder. I step into the fireplace, toss a handful of floo powder in front of me and shout Draco and my address. Immediately, I am spinning. I step out of the brick fireplace, or really I roll out of it. I never have mastered the art of using the floo gracefully. This is probably because unlike my sister, I did not spend hours practicing.

    I stand up and look around at the living room. It's a definite improvement from Malfoy Manor. The room itself is a rather plain beige, which both Draco and I agree needs to be changed. In the corner is a small fir-tree, which is transfigured into a small red fir tree with a wave of my wand. I then levitate the couch from Draco’s study. Now there is no chance that I’ll have to sit next to Mr. Malfoy. I transform the leather couches into red leather couches as a finishing touch. Finally, I remind Broccoli, Draco and my house-elf, to serve as many red dishes as possible. For a final touch, I summon the muggle radio, and put a CD with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and other muggle music on. I really do love how keeping with family traditions, that Draco and I love, drives Mr. Malfoy crazy.

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    I am closing. I realise I didn't set a time on this challenge, but it's now Monday 6th December. If you have a drabble and you've just missed posting, then please PM me and I'll reopen.

    This offer will only last until 10pm GMT Monday 6th December.

    ~Madam Carole~

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    Russia Snow

    First Place:
    hogwartsbookworm (10 points to Hufflepuff)

    Runner up:
    CoolCatElly (5 points to Hufflepuff)

    So after Week one the points look like this:

    Hufflepuff 30
    Ravenclaw 15
    Gryffindor 10
    Slytherin 10

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