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Thread: Subjects and Sins - Week #7 ~RESULTS~

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    Subjects and Sins - Week #7 ~RESULTS~



    You've settled nicely into Hogwarts and are well into your second month. You probably like the House you're in, as well.

    But how are the lessons going?

    For the next few weeks, the weeklies are going to be based around the subjects taught at Hogwarts and one of the seven deadly sins. You need to write a drabble of between 300 - 500 words based on both the prompts given.

    You may write an OC or a canon character. You may write a student or a professor, but the drabble must take place in the lesson the prompt suggests.

    You may write any POV, tense or era, but we want to get the feeling of being in the actual lesson.



    Form for your drabble:

    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    Please direct any questions to the "Ask a Barmaid thread" here

    All standard MNFF guidelines must be followed. Whilst a minor typo can be ignored, glaring SPaG (and canon misspellings) cannot. This has led us to discount marvellous drabbles before now, so if you're not sure, then use a beta. Your barmaids have been known to glower at canon inaccuracies, so please don't have Gabrielle Delacour transferring to Hogwarts to join Harry in a lesson. It didn't happen.

    This competition will close on Sunday 5th December at 10pm GMT.

    Thank you

    Your Barmaids.

    NB: There are two competitions running side by side this week. You may enter both. You may enter one or none at all, but the other competition is part of a series and will replace the December Monthly.

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    Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Macking with Cormac
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- None
    Word Count: 489
    A/N: LOL. That is all.

    Getting a ‘T’ on her O.W.L. for History of Magic didn’t seem so bad now. At least that’s what Millicent thought.

    Professor Binns was just so dreadfully dull, going on and on about some old, dead bloke. It wasn’t as if anyone was actually paying attention, especially not him. Only one guy could make this bloody class interesting, and he did it so effortlessly.

    His hair was gorgeous. There was not a strand out of place, and it perfectly framed his face, which was even nicer than his hair. The physical difference between him and her fifth-year classmates was startling in how much more mature and handsome it made him look. Draco, Gregory, Vincent, Theo and Blaise were boys, but Cormac... Cormac was a man. If she could only have got her hands on him, the things — the shocking things — she would do...

    Her overactive imagination slowly disengaged, and her mind foggily drifted back to class as Cormac had an uncharacteristic moment of interest in the topic. “...And in the year 1262, the Snitch, then called a ‘Snidget’, was first introduced into Queerditch.” Her brain tuned back out. Of course, only Quidditch could get Cormac to pay attention to that stodgy old sod. He had better things to think about than stupid history.

    Again, Cormac became Millicent’s sole focus, and she was relieved to find that he was gradually beginning to fall asleep at the sound of Binns’s droning. It wasn’t healthy to care that much about anything to do with History of Magic. As he was repeating his O.W.L. year in the subject, it was obvious that he did not.

    Binns dismissed the class, and Millicent ignored Tracey’s gentle tug on her arm to leave; instead, she just sat there until Cormac was approaching her table. She then stood, books in hand, waiting for him to notice her as he passed. He wasn’t looking at her. At all. Why wasn’t he looking? She was standing right there!

    Some splinter of insanity stabbed at her better judgement, and Millicent stuck out her foot. Cormac was unceremoniously sent to the floor like a sack of bricks and was almost stepped on by the last of students who were trying to escape the class. A grunt and a few choice curses came from the heap that was Cormac’s prone body.

    He stood, brushing himself off, but all Millicent could do was stare in horror. When he looked around in search of his attacker, his eyes fell on her. His beautiful face twisted into a sneer. “It would figure one of you lot did it.” He then summarily spit on her shoes, much to the amusement of Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, who were the last students left in the classroom. Face afire with shame, she ran from all the mocking faces.

    Millicent never did make it to Divination that day.
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    Name: Mere
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: n/a
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years; none
    Word Count: 292
    A/N: idk.

    “In the Goblin War of 1030, Unog the Fierce joined forces with Dilog the Shallow . . .”

    Lily wrote quickly, trying to follow Professor Binns monotone lecture. She tried to focus on this goblin war. Not that it was any different from the last goblin war, except that had been Gulup the Stupid or something instead of . . . Unog the Fierce.

    It’s not that she was particularly interested in goblin wars or anything. It was just that if she could be interested in this goblin war, then maybe she could ignore . . . she didn’t even want to think his name. But he was so close, his elbow lying carelessly on her desk. Lily forced herself to scoot even farther away from him, until she was practically falling off her chair.

    Goblin war, she told herself, even as her eyes stayed on his tangled dark hair a little bit too long. Goblin war . . . Goblin War of 1030.

    “. . . Unog and Dilog, along with Galog the Brave, attacked Kudog the Irritating on the eve of February 17th, 1030 . . .”

    His elbow had moved a little to the right and grazed her arm. Lily nearly jumped. The slightest bit of contact made her skin burn. Her nerves danced with pleasure. She wanted more. Maybe he did that on purpose, maybe he wanted to touch me, maybe . . . She shook her head. Goblin war!

    Still, she couldn’t help sliding her left arm just smidge. There. As her arm gently touched his, the guiltiest thrill ran through her.

    “ . . . Kudog and his troops attacked on April 3rd, 1030, after a month of gathering supplies and calling on allies for reinforcements. Hallug the Joker had responded, bring in . . .”

    Lily continued to write, but never moved her arm. It felt too damn good.

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    Name: princessbipolar
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Distractions
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years (none)
    Word Count: 476
    A/N: Thanks to Lill (therightdirection) for betaing.

    Rose Weasley was rushing frantically across the corridors; her mind was intent on only one particular purpose- to arrive at Professor Binns’ class on time. Spotting the prominent old sign on the door, Rose sighed with relief. She quickly brushed back her fiery red hair while adjusting her crooked uniform to make herself somewhat respectable for class.

    As she knocked on the wooden door, Rose heard Professor Binns’ voice sound out rather grudgingly, "Come in. "

    Afraid of being reprimanded, Rose gingerly stepped into the dusty classroom. Casually flicking a glance at the nearest student’s notes, Rose was slightly worried- she had missed Binns’ lecture on Elfric the Eager’s uprising and the downfall of the goblins, which were two important OWL topics.

    Rose tried to slip into her seat inconspicuously. However, her movement attracted the unnecessary attention of a boy sitting right in front of her- Scorpius Malfoy.

    "Weasley," Scorpius raised his eyebrows whilst acknowledging her late entrance.

    "Malfoy," Rose muttered curtly as she hurriedly laid out her writing materials and notebooks.

    Biting her lips in frustration, Rose realised that she was completely lost in the lesson. None of the students except for her felt inclined to pay attention to Binns. Feeling desperate, Rose turned to a Slytherin student sitting right beside her.

    "Do you mind if I borrow your notes?" She tersely asked.

    "Back off Weasley," the red-haired boy mumbled in a daze before returning back to his usual slumber.

    Sighing, Rose buried herself into her blank parchment. This wasn’t making any sense. She had missed a large part of Binns’ lecture. What was she going to do? At this moment, Rose heard a low murmur in front of her.

    Scorpius was eyeing her with speculation as he asked softly, "Need any help?’’

    Wide-eyed, Rose humbly nodded- reluctantly admitting her situation. Smirking, Scorpius extended his hands to hand her a messily scribbled parchment. Rose smiled and reached out to take it- overcome with extreme relief at his help.

    However, Rose stiffened considerably as Scorpius’ smooth skin brushed lightly against her hand. A jolt of electricity startled her as Rose nervously looked into his blue eyes. Did he feel it? Rose wondered as Scorpius stared back at her intently with his lips pulled back into a smile.

    He looks cute. Rose sighed unknowingly before subconsciously slapping herself. Was she actually lusting after Scorpius?

    As if reading her thoughts, Scorpius chuckled quietly before passing a note discreetly into her hand. Lowering her gaze, Rose’s eyes widened upon reading his written words.

    "Meet me after class," The note simply said.

    Surprised at his unexpected invitation, she nodded in embarrassment- indicating her answer. For once, Rose Weasley wasn’t paying attention to Binns and her parchment remained blank of any details regarding the History of Hogwarts.

    Instead, her mind was filled with only one- Scorpius Malfoy.

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    Name: Bookworm
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Legilimens
    Ratings/Warnings:1st-2nd years/Nothing really...
    Word Count: 491
    A/N: 1) Yay for OCs! 2) Sorry, it would have had a much funnier ending, but... word limit.

    “Hello, Tom.”

    Tom Riddle’s dark eyes rose from the parchment he had already laid out on his desk to meet my eyes. My stomach jumped, just as it did whenever he looked at me. Such dark eyes, like bottomless pools in a cave at midnight. I could drown in those pools. Who needed to breathe anyway? Dying in his eyes would be preferable to living anywhere else.

    Tom blinked and, disgruntled, I surfaced from my thoughts about dark pools and midnight caverns. An effortless smile crossed his thin lips.

    “Hello.” He paused, then his smile widened. “Anne… isn’t it?” My heart fluttered as he said my name. It sounded so right coming off his tongue, passing his lips. I was immediately entranced by those lips. If only I could bring them closer to mine…

    Remembering that he had asked a question, I nodded and cleared my throat. “Yes, th-that’s my name –Anne… Yeah.”

    Tom gestured to the seat beside him. “Would you like to sit with me, Anne?”

    My heart fluttered and I nodded again. I hurried forward, tripping over my own feet, and slid into the proffered seat, still staring at him. He quirked an eyebrow (he looked so mischievous!), and, still smiling, asked, “What? Do I have something on my face?”

    Embarrassed, I shook my head and allowed my hair to swing into my face as I dug for parchment and quills in my bag, trying to hide my blush.

    Professor Binns entered the classroom through the chalkboard as usual, and class began.

    “On June 2, 1372, Aldebert the Inexperienced led an army of Goblins in a surprise attack—“

    I couldn’t concentrate. The most handsome boy in Hogwarts was sitting next to me! He was sitting so close that I could feel his knee pressing against mine under the table. I tried to take notes, but my handwriting wavered. Tom was bent over his parchment, scribbling notes. Already an entire paragraph had bloomed under his quill. The sunlight pouring in through the windows shone on his smooth dark hair, and I couldn’t look away.

    I drifted into daydreams involving myself, Tom Riddle, and deserted corridors…

    Just as I was getting to the really good part there was a snapping noise and I sat up, startled. Tom’s quill dangled from his hand, broken in two pieces. He grimaced (such a lovely grimace) and turned to me.

    “Can I borrow a quill?” he whispered. Binns droned on.

    “Yes! One moment!” I almost literally dove into my bag, thrusting aside books, looking for an extra quill to give Tom Riddle. After a moment I emerged, victorious, a battered quill in my grasp. I handed it over with a flourish. Tom smiled then went back to his furious scribbling.

    “In September of 1372, wizard Midas Lionheart convinced the Wizengamot—“

    I lapsed back into daydreams.


    Well, Tom thought wryly as he left the classroom, that was an interesting Legilimency practice session.

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    This comp is now closed.

    Results soon (ish).

    ~Madam Carole~

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    1st Place - MerryD Hufflepuff - 15 points

    2nd Place - Hogwarts Bookworm - Hufflepuff - 10 points.

    Just wanted to tell you all something about the judging process. When judging, the barmaid/s judge blind. Thus we paste the drabbles into a document without the names and then judge them a short while later. There's no favouritism regarding houses, friends or pairings ...

    (except if someone pairs Sirius Black with an OC called Carole )

    The Barmaids

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