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Thread: Muggle Holidays

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    Muggle Holidays

    Hm, I'm not sure if it's the correct place to ask or if anyone has asked this before.

    Just wondering, does Christmas count as a Muggle holiday?

    And do the Malfoys celebrate it?

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    Yes, I'd say Christmas is definitely celebrated by the Malfoys. The whole of Hogwarts celebrates it every year, so I don't see why the Malfoys wouldn't.

    I think they'd call Santa Claus 'Father Christmas', as well, as it is in England (just in case you aren't from England and didn't know) if you're planning on having that in a story of yours.

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    Harry celebrates Christmas at school with Ron and the Weasleys - remember Mrs. Weasley's Christmas sweaters? So I would assume the Malfoys probably also celebrate Christmas

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    And the children all get holidays around Christmas and Easter, and I doubt that this was done just for the sake of the Muggle-born children, which make up only one tenth of student population.

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    I agree, the Malfoy's celebrate Christmas. I think wizards and Muggles have most of the same holidays. They seem to have alot in common except certain conveniences. Things that are just not necessary because of magic (electricity, stitches, and electronics).

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