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Thread: Katie Bell

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    *scratches head* when did we end up talking of Leanne? And I'm 80% positive she was a Gryffindor in Katie's year. I think it was mentioned that Katie was sitting with her when she got back from St Mungos.

    Okay, question:

    If Katie had a daughter who LOVED colour and was a jokester with Fred II, do you think she'd be motherly, stricked motherly (not like the pranking), or like a best friend, having the daughter tell her everything and joke with her and stuff?

    She's married to Lee Jordan if that helps.

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    Well I think that Katie would be motherly but quite relaxed at the same time, so she would want her child to enjoy school. Also if she is married to Lee Jordan (who was always with Fred and George and normally involved) I think she would like pranks or at least tolerate them. Personally I think her daughter would tell her a certain amount of things but not everything and would enjoy spending time with her.
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    I think Katie would be a fun mother. I think she would laugh and joke with her daughter but would also be responsible and enforce rules. Probably mostly because I see her as having to. If she was married to Lee Jordan one of them would have to step up and be responsible, and I see Katie as doing it because Lee would probably joke around too much and not enforce rules with his kids. But I think she should have a lot of moments where she pranks and acts a little irresponsible (not as in bad parenting but letting them bend rules and maybe do some mildly reckless things.) with her children. I think she would be friends with her daughter most of the time and I think her daughter would tell her a lot of things, but not everything. There are just some things you donít want to tell your parents no matter how close you are.

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    Just a breif though....possibly because of the whole necklace inident, she might be more lax as she has experienced near death and wants her daughter to live life to the fullest. On the other hand, it might make her a little more strict, just because she's concerned for her daughter's well-being, but I don't think she'd stiffle her or anything
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    Katie Bell was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, so she is in Gryffindor House, isn't she? That was established in both books and movies.

    Ok, never mind... some old posts appear to be out of order and I think the house discussion was about Leanne, not Katie.
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    I love Katie! She's actually my favourite character in the whole series, what with my obsession with Katie/Oliver fics.

    Who do you think Katie would've ended up with? I see her with either Oliver, George, or Fred (if he survived, I can't stand those fics where she's all depressed cuz her one true love, Fred, died)

    Out of the whole series, I feel that Katie is underappreciated. I mean, she got cursed and all! Doesn't she deserve some kind of ending? I just want to know who she married and if she survived or not.

    Personally, I don't like her with Lee Jordan. It creeps me out. I also don't like her with OC's, especially if the guy is a Gary Stu. It's just my opinion, though.

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    Why does it creep you out when she's with Lee? It makes sense to me somehow – she was close to the twins, but might have found that either it just didn't work out between her and either one of them, or was in love with Fred and he died. Either way, Lee liked the twins too, and he had a lot in common with them. He also did that radio show, which makes him quite an underground hero person, too. Katie might even have fallen for him while listening to that. And he knows a lot about Quidditch from commenting, so they have something to talk about there at least. I never actually thought about the pairing much, but it's a good fit in my opinion... And he's the same age as Fred and George, so what, a year older than Katie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karaley Dargen View Post
    Why does it creep you out when she's with Lee?

    Huh. I think it's because I read a couple of really, really bad Katie/Lee fics out there, but it's also because I pictured Lee with Alicia.

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    I think it's better if Katie is paired with someone not from her Quidditch team. It's a bit too neat and tidy, in my opinion, and I'm sure not everyone in the Potterverse married someone from their house. I rather like the Lee option, mind you, because he's another character who is sadly underused.

    I have read some fabulous Katie/Oliver fics (well, Jess's if I'm honest is my benchmark here), but as I ship Oliver with Cedric (and later Daphne), I'm not going to consider that an option for me. I've shipped her with Harry, and I have a possible Katie/Draco/Dean dilemma coming up in a story.

    I'm also of the opinion that the cursed necklace incident caused far more damage than we might think, and there's far more to Katie that just a Quidditch player.


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