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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    Are the new BA members going to be announced today, because the 'How to join the BA' thread said that the new members will be announced every first of the month. I really don't mind, I was just wondering- I know RL is hectic.

  2. 02-02-2007, 10:00 PM

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    I have a question,(but then you already know that) what exactly is SPEW here? I've read some of the info, but it's not completly clear to me. Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks!

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    i am not yet a member of this site, but i was thinking about joining. and i have a question: are you allowed to submit stories that take place in hogwarts but include some harry potter characters, some made-up ones, and some characters taken from other books (with all the right work citations in place of course)?

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    One question.

    Now that we know the release date of Deathly Hallows and all I've heard that Mugglenet closes for a few day's after the release of a new book. For obvious reasons of course with all the spoilers and all. I wasn't around for the release of HBP so I was wondering if the Beta Boards and MNFF closes also and for how long?


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    After scanning through this thread for any info., I noticed something about Deathly Hollows. That got me thinking, after DH, will there be more MNFF, because the story would be over and everything else would either be AU, Post-Hogwarts, or Historical. Any help on this would be great, thanks,

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    hi, I have a question. I have a story on another fanfiction site and it is not yet validated on mugglenet. Can I link a banner in my signature to that other site with my story in it until it is validated on mugglenet? Or should I just wait until it is validated? Thanks.

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    I'm not sure when the new members will be announced. Perhaps try PMing those in charge of the BA.


    SPEW is a group that encourages better writing and evaluation through reviewing.


    Crossover fics aren't allowed on MNFF.


    When HBP was released, the queue was closed but I think the forums remained open. For good measure, we didn't allow any discussion of HBP (in fics or on the forums) without spoiler warnings for a few months. However, the release it still several months away so we'll see what happens.


    I'm sure that people will continue to write fanfic after the HP series is over, so I'm sure that MNFF will be around after the release.


    No, offsite links are not allowed. I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait until your story is validated.

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    Yet another question

    Sorry about this, but I have another question. It has been asked before, but has never been fully answered. Yesterday my post count was 24, and now it is 19. It really is important in this case, as I need 75 posts to get into the BA. Everytime I get above 24 my post count goes back down to 19. Why is this? I really want to get into the BA and am unable to do so because of this.

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    Ron x Hermione
    Hey there!

    Uh.. weird question, but m'kay.

    Is there some reason that MNFF keeps going off server? I've tried literally all day to get on (from 8 in the morning), and it wouldn't let me! I finally managed to get on around 3 o'clock. it did this last week too, but it was only for a few minutes. Mine wasn't the only one to do this, because my friends commented on it too.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?


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    This isen't actually a question but more of a bug report.
    If you review a story or a chapter on the main site, you have an option to delete it.
    But that option doesn't work, if you press delete you're being send to a blanc page and with no indication that there was an action performed (in this case, the deletion of the review).
    So readers can't edit or delete their reviews and are forced to commence with double posting. I hope a moderator can adress this to an administrator so he/she can fix it. (It shouldn't be more work then an half an hour)

    And for another question, why isen't there a section to report bugs from the website.
    Readers and authors use the website daily, and with the help of all of us, we should be able to make the website bugfree. Maybe a Hagrid's Cabin or something likewise could be a perfect spot for such reports.

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