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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    The last I heard on the poem length was that you needed to add an author's note to the body of the poem that brings the word count up to the 100 word minimum.

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    I have a question about appropriatness of fics.

    I've heard that we can't have crossovers or insertions of Jo. I was thinking about writing a fic where some Potter characters come in contact with a computer/the internet and stumble across Jo's website. I was wondering if that was allowed.

    Thanks Mods!

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Referring to Rowling in the Potterverse in any way, including by way of her website, is not allowed on this site. Pretty much we stick with stories with her characters in her settings and leave it at that.

    In fact, in general, don't put anyone real and still alive into your fics. Flamel is fair game, but Jessica Simpson is not. (For one thing, by the timeline in the Harry Potter Lexicon, in most fics she would be an anachronism.) We're just all safer from the lawyers that way.

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    Ron x Hermione
    To add onto MrsRuebeusHagridDursley's question, I ws just curious about something as well:

    Would I be allowed to write a fic where Ron stumbled across Mugglenet fan fiction, and read the stories? It would kind of be a humor, but... yeah, that's it.

    Thanks, and I really hope that this makes sense!


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    Lindsey, you would be allowed to do that, but it would have to be in either Humor or AU.

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    As I was going to reply to one of my threads, Vampires, in The Filing Cabinet, I noticed that I couldn't reply to one of my replies. I then went to The Filing Cabinet and noticed how I couldn't post in it at all. Is there something wrong with my account that I haven't figured out, or has The Filing Cabinet been closed, I have been away for awhile now. So any help is great. Thanks,

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    I've always wondered what the difference is between a story with a red ribbon next to it and one with a blue ribbon next to it. Thanks

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    childofpotter13, The Filing Cabinet is just a forum for storage. It is not open for posting for anyone. If you would like to add something to a thread there, you may want to contact the forum moderator, rita_skeeter, to see if the thread can be moved so you can add it.

    Gamber47, stories with blue ribbons are the current Featured Fics. Stories with red ribbons are those stories that have been Featured Fics previously. All stories that are featured get to retain their ribbon, it's just that the color changes.

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    You know how when you edit a post and click "go advanced", you are supposed to be able to change the title? Well, on my post in the Beta Rent/Hire thing, I changed the title but it didn't change. What's up with that?
    Thanks mods,

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    Only mods can change thread titles. PM the head of that forum (myownmuggle) and she'll change it for you.

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