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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    Another random, out of the blue question for you mods, but, why is their an advanced option when editing your fics. Wouldn't it be simpilar to just go straight to the advanced option, instead of having to click on advanced option. I dunno why I'm asking this, just trying to help the conveinency of other anti-clickers like me.

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    comrade little john

    Unhappy i have a question about challenges

    Where are they? I would love to do them, but I have no clue where they are. It says the great hall, but I can't find it. It also says to look in the beta forums, i can't find those either.

  3. 02-17-2007, 04:26 AM

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    Venna Black - After sorting your permissions become more expansve.

    Murgatroid - Inter-species relationships, beastiality, ect is not allowed. Romance beween two owls is fine as long as it doesn't cross the NC-17 line.

    childofpotter - We are mods not coders. We don't write the software. We don't design the buttons. None of us knows what was in the head of the software designer that makes eFiction.

    Comrade little john - Get sorted and you can see the challenges.

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    I have a question. It is addressed in the FAQ but I'm unsure of the meaning. If you want to join a group that you have to be approved for, do you just click on it in the CP and they'll recieve it?

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    JewellPotterFan: If you are joining a group that you need approval for you do one of two things. First, if it is a group like SPEW, the BA or SBBC, then you send your application to the appropriate people and then click on the user group button. Or, if you want to join the Student group, just click on it. The Mod in charge of that goes through and accepts students regularly.


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    Dear mods, I was wondering about the challenge deadlines. Unfortunately there are only twelve days left before the deadline for New Year's Challenge entries, but is it possible to have four chapters accepted in those twelve days? It doesn't seem likely to me, but I really did put a lot of effort in my story and... so, what happens if I have an uncomplete entry for a challenge prompt? If the story's finished but not validated because of queue and, what if the third chapter is still in queue on the deadline?It just... doesn't count?

    EDIT: Thanks myownmuggle and Magical Meave... sorry, I know that we can't submit more than one chapters at a time. I was just wondering. Thanks, again.
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    Sorry if this questions has been asked already.

    I was thinking about writing a fic that's made up of a series of short letters. Is that alright?


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    Snape's Talon
    Is there a limit to the number of banners one can plaster across their author's page? I know we have a limit here ... as many as one can squish into 300x500, correct?

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    Kehribar: Magical Maeve can answer this one better than I can, since she is the chief overseer of challenge entries. Anything is possible in the queue, but dropping a lot of chapters on the mod all at once makes the job very difficult and time consuming. That's partly why the challenge deadlines were extended - in order to give authors time to sumbit multple chapters without overwhelming the mods.

    MrsRuebeusHagridDursley: As long as the letters meet the MNFF standards (word count, characterization, plot, grammar, punctuation, etc.), that's fine.

    Snape's Talon: Banners on your author's page should be kept to a reasonable amount as we are sharing server space with the MN main site. Multiple banners are acceptable, but an author's page should not be overwhelmed or completely dominated by them.

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    Kehribar - all questions relating to challenges belong in the Great Hall. There is a thread there specifically for general challenge questions.

    Putting four chapters through the queue in that space of time is not likely to endear you to me. However, I do keep the challenges fairly clear of backlog. You can give it a try but there are no guarantees. As Julie said, submitting in that way tends to clog the queue and make it harder for us to keep up. If your chapters aren't submitted in time, it is not the queue's fault.

    If there is a minimum chapter limit on the challenge, then you must have the required amount validated for it to count. If there is no minimum, you can submit what you have and it will be judged on what is validated.
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