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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    childofpotter13 HAHAHAHA! It is okay. Interesting question! Well, the Slytherins are the Slyths. Gryffindor, we are the Gryffs!

    I think that is what you wanted to know...


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    If a person, me, is writing a story in which 99% of it is flashbacks, does the flashback need to be in itallics. Because characters in the story are thinking, which involves itallics, so I wanted to see a mod's pov.

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Well, Sam, thoughts should go in italics the same way quotations go into quote marks, so:

    Harry said the Giant Squid would probably like some toast.
    Harry said, "I'll bet the Giant Squid would like some of our toast."

    Harry thought the Giant Squid would probably like some toast.
    Harry thought, I'll bet the Giant Squid would like some of our toast.
    Flashbacks -- if they're that much of the chapter, no, there are other ways to do that besides italics. The <hr> tag, for instance, makes a nice solid black line that exactly fits across the screen (unlike those lines of hyphens or asterisks people seem to like) and indicates to the reader that there is a change taking place. Follow that with a sentence that clearly shows this is the past, or a POV change, or whatever, which I'm stating because a section that starts with Lily's POV is one of those things that makes a mod go for another cup of coffee, possibly fortified.

    Another possibility in a multi-chaptered work is to alternate present and past chapters, and make the titles and beginnings of each type different. For instance, if the later-time chapters are all laundry items that tie into the story (I have actually seen this done in a published work, and it was wonderful) and the past tense ones are names of characters, probably the reader will be able to follow which is what pretty easily.

    This is fast turning into better material for the Gen Fanfic Discussion thread on experimental forms than ask-a-moderator stuff. Huge flashbacks and changes of time are fair game for that.

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    I have a very... unique... and silly piece of writing I would like to submit to MNFF. However, I'm not sure what category it belong in. Basically, I took the entire Beatles album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," and I spoofed every song to be performed by Voldemort and the Death Eaters. So the question is, would this be poetry (since it's technically songs) or humour? I'm leaning toward humour, but I don't know whether or not they only accept prose.

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    Schmerg_The_Impaler: Poetry should ONLY be submitted to the poetry category. Submit it elsewhere (unless it's a special challenge category) and it's an automatic rejection. Each chapter will have to be strong enough to stand on it's own as well - MNFF does not accept crossovers and you cannot use copyrighted titles, so keep that in mind. I recommend contacting Magical Maeve since she mods poetry if you have more specific questions.

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    One-Shot Challenge--March!

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the march one-shot challenge thread is. If you could tell me what it's under and everything, that would be great. I want to give the challenge a shot! Thanks!

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    fanficwriter: The challenges are posted in The Great Hall. You need to be Sorted in order to see them. Send a PM to songbook99 to request the Sorting Quiz.

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    Secret Akasha
    The answer to my question may be completely obvious, but indulge me.

    This is in regards to a fic I have posted on the forums under my old username, Lovely Fatima. I'm currently in the process of a major re-write of this work, and as I've progressed, chapters have merged, I've completely re-written entire scenes, cut others, re-assigned dialogue from one character to another, and fleshed out some things that were lacking. In my mind, these are completely different chapters from those that were validated originally.

    Should I simply edit what's there with the new material, or should I submit these new chapters to the queue as I would any update to the story?

    Your help is always appreciated.

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    Secret Akasha: If you are making major substantive changes to the story, I recommend resubmitting the chapters to the queue since it's essentially a new story that you are writing. I would also recommend removing the old chapters/old story from the archive if you are planning to rewrite it.

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    After a couple days ago, which was daylight savings, we had the message DST Settings Updated pop up when we visit the site. But everytime when I log on, that message pops up. Does it happen to everyone and if not, is it supposed to be happening to me everytime I log on. Just curious.

    On a side note, you modlies are doing an excellent job. Really. I appreciate everything you do for the site.


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