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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    HI all!

    I'm not sure if this goes to you or to the admins, but I thought I'd check here first.

    My friend registered with the forums on Saturday 2-24 under the name FlymetoParis. It said she would recieve an e-mail in order for her to start posting in the threads. She has yet to recieve it, so she can't finish her registration, and she really wants to be sorted!

    I searched for her under the Members list, and she doesn't show up. Does she need to
    re-register, or can you guys push her account along?

    thanks so much!!!

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    Loralie, your friend's account is currently listed as 'Awaiting Email Confirmation.' If she hasn't yet received the email, it could be something with the email she listed when she registered or the email might've gone to her Bulk Folder and she might've accidentally deleted it. If you can have her contact me, I can verify her email address and get things straightened out.

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    I have a question [okay that was dumb]

    What happens to the One-Shot Challenge Submissions? When the March ones start coming in, will they delete the February one's? I am new-ish to the challenges, so I am not sure.

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    harry_kissed_ginny: Regarding challenge submissions (this applies to all of them, not just the One-Shot Challenges), they are not deleted. When judging is complete and the winners are announced, you will move your story to the appropriate regular category - General, Historical, R/Hr, H/G, etc.

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    Oooooh. That makes sense. Now a follow up question.

    My February One-Shot Challenge involves Draco/Hermione and Ron/Hermione [Read it, I think it is really good! Username same on MNFF].

    Should I put it in Various Pairings, or should I talk to Ravensgryff about this, since she has modded my story 5 times? The same story. So she knows it, and she is the person to go to about Challenges, supposedly.

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    Specific questions related to the challenges should be posted in their appropriate threads. The February One-Shot challenge thread is here. Aternately, you can dicusss it with Ravensgryff or try contacting the mod that covers the category in question.

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    Call me stupid but, what do I do with reviews that are against the review policy? I have one for a chapter that isn't validated yet, and I have had this happen in the past too. Who do I report these reviews, or any spam reviews, to? A mod?


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    apollo13 - Yes, send the details of your story to a moderator and we will sort out the offending reviews for you.

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    Thanks for letting us know. I've deleted the review and emailed the member regarding spam policy.
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    Hi Mods, I have a question! (Duh) My post count seems to be stuck at 39, I have posted at least 45 times by now, and it is still 39. Why is this? (This happened once when it was stuck at 24, and a mod was able to fix it. It's back again. Grr. )

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