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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    Your post count went up because someone moved threads from a non-post counting area to the Graveyard. Please don't worry too much about the post count. It's just for fun.

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    I have a question: Why was the Insomniac's Thread in the RoR locked?

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    nikkiolapotter: The Insomniacs thread has been locked as it has been deemed a bit spammy and unrelated to Harry Potter. You guys have your own boards now so you can carry on your club there. The Room of Requirement is really for Off-Topic Harry Potter chatter, this means any theories or ideas about the Harry Potter series that aren't to do with fanfiction can go there. The Insomniacs and other similar clubs don't fit this criteria. The "usergroup threads" that are referred to in the forum summary are threads such as the Bannermakers Association which was started in the RoR and similar clubs like SPEW and the SBBC. All of these have a fanfiction and Potterverse based mission, unlike the Insomniacs. I'm sorry.

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    I'm not sure if this is the most easily answered question in the world but... how do I change my user title? Is it not possible to yet-- have I not been on long enough?
    lurky! pm to keep in contact please!

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    MissBean: What exactly do you mean by 'user title'? If you mean your s/n (MissBean), you can't. If you mean the thing under your s/n (In the Rubble at Godric's Hollow), that changes with the amount of posts you make in the Hospital Wing. But, your post count isn't what matters, it is giving good and helpful advice to other fanfic writers.


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    I know there is a Canon Characters forum in the Hospital Wing, but is there one for Canon Parings? I'm trying to do some research on James and Lily (as a couple) and haven't found anything of much help. Thanks in advance!!

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    Who was the first?

    I have been pondering this question for a while now; who was/were the first mods, and when did mugglenet fanfiction open?
    Thanks, cop

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    I'm just wondering what the average length of time it takes for a story to be noticed when submitted, the FAQ says it takes a few minutes when found, but i submitted mine 4 days ago, is this normal?

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    AurorGirl101, I don't think there is a forum for Canon Pairings. You may want to contact the mod in charge of Madam Pomfrey's Character Clinic to see if that would be something she might consider adding. Otherwise, you may just want to ask questions in the characters' individual threads.

    childofpotter13, MuggleNet Fan Fiction opened up in November 2004. I'm not sure who the original mods are, but there are still a few around. If you want to know which original mods are still here, you might want to look through the Meet the Mods 2007 thread.

    hinds, I'm not sure which FAQ you were looking at that said a story is noticed within a few minutes. It takes up to seven to ten days for a moderator to look over it, but once a moderator has gotten to your story, it only takes them a few minutes to read through and make a determination about whether or not your story is ready to be posted.

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    just a quick question, why does it say underneath my name in the posts i have done, In the Rubble at Godric's Hollow, is this some kind of ranking system, or just a little humorous random thing?

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