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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    Ginny Potter 71331: If your story has not yet been validated by a moderator, it is still in the queue and cannot be accessed from anywhere other than your account. When you click on View Statistics, look at the column titled Validated. If your story is still listed in your account and there is a "No" in the validated column, your story is still in the queue. Once your story has been validated, other readers will be able to see it in the various places you have listed.

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    I have a question (well duh, why else would I be here?) Anyway, I have no problem posting around the site, but when I try to post in the SPEW section of the site, it won't allow me. I just created a banner for it, and I would really like to display my work. Why can't I post there?

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    Help me help me help me help me help me *runs like chook with no head*

    I was in Gryffindor about an hour ago, and I'm not anymore. Help me help me help me!

    I changed my email address this afternoon and once I did, I wasn't sorted!


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    The SPEW forum is for members only, so you need to join in order to post there. But if you've made a banner, try contacting GringottsVault711 or Fantasium as they are in charge of SPEW.


    I have no idea why you've seemed to have switched houses. PM songbook99 as she's in charge of Sorting.

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    Um, I just wondering, with the Beta mentoring program, it says only Ravenclaws can join in the description of what it is, yet with the joining conditions it says "Open to anyone".

    My question is, does that mean it's open to any Ravenclaw or does it mean the trial period is over and any member on the site can join?


    Edit: Also, another question about the Resticted section - what is happening with that? As I am a member of it I was wondering if I should start a new discussion in there or is that sub-forum gettting deleted?

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    babekitty_92 as far as I know the Ravenclaw trial period is now over but I'm afraid the mentoring program is not open to everyone yet. We will be posting with more details of this and other exciting new features sometime in the near future. I don't know what is happening about the Restricted Section but I will raise it with the other moderators.

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    I promise I read the submission rules before asking this!

    It says no images... Do smilies count as an image? My story is the journal of a first year, and eleven year old girls do stuff like that. It wouldn't be all over the place, just one or two.


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    I was wondering...when you have a story that's posted, and a chapter is up on the site, and your next chapter is rejected, does your entire story get deleted? Because I had a chapter get rejected for grammatical things, and I came back to find that my entire story was gone and I had to start over. I mean, if you reject stories for things like grammar (which is understandable), then it seems like it'd be a waste of time for both the authors and the mods to have to go through the validation process for the good chapters every time a chapter is rejected. And also, I was wondering, when you say that multiple categories are not allowed, does that include sub-categories?

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    Restricted Classes

    Hello, I have been trying to sign up for a couple of classes, but they are locked up and I can't do so. If you could either explain to me why I can't sign up to the classes or fix my problem, that would be great. childofpotter13

    EDIT: After receiving my answer, I checked in the classes forum and even the classes that weren't locked I couldn't post in, could a mod please help me with this problem. Thx

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    Entering My Story

    OK, so about a week ago, I started my first ever story, and I uplouded the first chapter. A few days later, the story vanished from my "Manage Stories" page. I immediatly clicked 'View Revews', but it said I had none. Then I clicked "View Statistics", and it said that I had 1 Review! I checked my email, and my junk folder, but it was nowhere to be found. I found this quite odd, and began to search through all the help guides and FAQ. It said that I was supposed to receive an email from the moderator saying why they'd rejected it, and tips to help me improve. About a week later, I still had no email. So I entered my story again, about two days ago. To my dissapointment, today, the same thing happened. My story vanished and I still have one review and no emails. What's going on???

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