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Thread: Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

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    Ask a Moderator -- Part VIII

    Please view our Frequently Asked Questions before posting your questions here, and also make sure your question has not already been asked.

    [The more people ask the same question, the more pages there are, which cause more people to not take the time to read it, causing them to post the same question and the vicious cycle continues]

    Please, allow MODERATORS ONLY to answer the questions in this thread.

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    Hi! I heard you can ask someone to make a banner advertising your story here on the Beta Boards. Well, I'm kind of new so, where would I find people willing to make me a free banner?

  3. 01-18-2007, 03:17 PM

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    iluvtosurf94, you would find people to make a banner in the Bannermaker's Association. There is a place there to make banner requests.

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    At the bottom of the home page, under MuggleNet FanFiction Beta Boards Statistics, it lists the current count for Members and then Active Members. What's the difference -- what makes a member active or inactive? And why don't you delete the inactive members' accounts? Or do you? Sorry, I got curious again ...

    ~ Abigail

    Edit: Thanks, Jan! That was fast ...

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    I believe it goes on length of time without a post.

    We do occasionally go through and delete very old members, but it is monstrously time consuming and not all that productive for the site, so it's a rare occurence indeed.
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    I was wondering if we could delete our own reviews for a story. Under each review there's a "delete" link but all it does is to open a blank page and not delete the review.

    Could someone explain this, please? Thank you.
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    Help me help me help me help me help me *runs like chook with no head*

    I was in Gryffindor about an hour ago, and I'm not anymore. Help me help me help me!

    I changed my email address this afternoon and once I did, I wasn't sorted!


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    The SPEW forum is for members only, so you need to join in order to post there. But if you've made a banner, try contacting GringottsVault711 or Fantasium as they are in charge of SPEW.


    I have no idea why you've seemed to have switched houses. PM songbook99 as she's in charge of Sorting.

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    just a quick question, why does it say underneath my name in the posts i have done, In the Rubble at Godric's Hollow, is this some kind of ranking system, or just a little humorous random thing?

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