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Thread: SingingWren's Banners

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    YAY! I'm so glad you accepted it.

    Yep, just the words. Most of the quotes are too long for anything else.

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    Ok, here are three attempts! I tried my best, so hopefully at least one of them is decent. Please feel free to ask me to change anything.

    I would have done avatars for the other two quotes, but found they were too long to feasibly fit into 100x100 pixel spaces without severe quality degradation. Really sorry!


    #4 - This was the one I had the most trouble with. I must have tried a dozen combinations of fonts.


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    Those are AWESOME!

    You really don't give yourself enough credit. Seriously. They are are supermegaawesomefoxyhot.

    I totally understand about the other quotes. I thought they were a little long. But really, the only hard thing is deciding which one to wear first.

    EDIT: I tried to put on the WOO avvie but it said that it exceeded the KB limit. Is there anything that can be done about that?

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    Yay, I'm so glad you like them! Sorry about the "woo" avatar. This was my first time using PNG format and I forgot to check the file size. This is a GIF version that's within the size limitations, so it should work.

    Hooray, I love hungs!

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    Hooray, I love hungs!
    Sorry I was SO excited I couldn't type. lol

    Thank you so much! This one worked.

    *hugs again*

    Everyone, request from Karen!

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    Aww, thanks so much!

    Here's a new one, Doctor Who this time! Oh, I love Rose and the Doctor together so much, and it really hit me when I was listening to this song a few days ago that the words fit them so perfectly.

    Thanks so much to ginnypotter19 for the suggestion about brightening the couple. It looks much better now. Unfortunately, the hand is just going to have to stay blurry, as I can't find a way to fix it.

    The style of "in a burning room" was inspired by the cover of the movie Au Revoir, Les Enfants, if anyone's wondering.

    Oh, and here's a new avvie!

    Why is everything I make red and black?

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    Could I request a story banner from you? You have a wonderful talent XD

    The story is called 'Fiction'. It needs to have at least a picture of the wonderful Weasley twins on it. The story is about what George feels when he finds out Fred is dead.
    If at all possible, could you also put the quote 'His partner in crime, his other half, his brother, his twin is gone.', or at least part of it? And my username.

    And could it be about the same size or even a tiny bit smaller then the Jared Leto banned I already have? The bigger one?

    Everything else is up to you.
    Thank you muchly!


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    Awesome! I'll get right on it. Expect it within a few days (I'd say tomorrow, but unfortunately tomorrow is "let's clean up for visitors!" day in my house, and I won't have much free time).

    Thanks so much for requesting!

    Oh, and just clarifying, you want "hpheart" or "Bethan"?

    Oh, and can I just say, I <3 Jared Leto His voice is so captivating.

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    This should be below AidaLuthien's post. I'm not double-posting, I swear!

    AidaLuthien: I agree. You never hear anything about Nine. As much as Tennant is still my Doctor, I can't forget that Eccleston was the first one I watched and if it weren't for him, I would have never made it to Ten. So yes, he deserves some love I'm glad you liked the banner!

    hpheart: Ok, I know I said a few days, but I kind of got inspired and sat down and did your request tonight. Here are two different tries. I just took my best guess about the username, but if I got it wrong it'll be right easy to fix.

    I was kind of in a B & W mood tonight, I guess. If you'd actually like a little colour, don't hesitate to tell me. Anything you want changed, don't hesitate to tell me. If I totally missed what you were looking for and you want a whole new banner (very likely), don't hesitate to tell me. It's the holidays, I've got the time!

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    Yay Ninth Doctor banner! The Ninth Doctor doesn't get enough love. Though I do love Tennant.

    And I love the colors. I'm a fan of drama and dramatic coloring. Still, if you're worried about doing too much black/white and red, make something in a different monochrome like blue, or deliberately in all pastels or something.

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