Firstly, please forgive me if this is not the right place to ask.

So, the Hogwarts uniform. I've read all the posts about the whole "robes" debate, but I need to know something else: are the uniforms emblazoned with the students' house crest?

Sure, in the movies it's very clear which house a person is in. But I can't work out of the clothing in the books are different.

I'm thinking no, because when Ron and Harry are preparing to drink the polyjuice potion, doesn't Hermione say something about their robes being too small, and needing to find bigger ones? She doesn't mention that they need to be Slytherin robes.

Also, a few pages later, Harry and Ron wrongly assume that Penelope Clearwater is a Slytherin, when she is in fact a Ravenclaw. This leads me to assume that there is no decoration on the robes.

If anybody has any information, please reply!

~Midnight Storm