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Thread: Any HP Vampire stories?

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    Any HP Vampire stories?

    I'm toying with the idea of writing a story about Vampires and want to know if anyone has read any good vampire stories which fit into the HP universe. I've read some awful ones (not on MNFF but on other sites) and would like to find one that's done well and preferably not too Twilight influenced (myself being into the True Blood/ Being Human style of Vampires). Any suggestions?
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    Hello, Alex!

    Jess / lullaby_BANG has a few vampire-influenced stories. I haven't read them, but I've checked out the reviews, which were all positive and quite glowing. Here's a link to her author page if you care to check them out.
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    I haven't read this one, but the reviews are good.

    Walking in Darkness

    I'm pretty sure it isn't Twilightish
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    Sanguine by electronicquillster. There is a romance element to it but I didn't find it Twilight-ish.

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    I've read Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I've got an Annie/Mitchell story for Being Human (on another site, heh). On this one I have a ten chapter Charlie/Romanian vampire story The Midnight Watch I'd love you to read, if only to see how I fit vampires into the HP world.

    Here's the summary: It started with a Christmas visit and his father's question. "If you patrol during the day, who takes the night watch?" Charlie's search for an answer leads to his discovery of a nocturnal keeper named Nadia...and a thirteenth use for dragons' blood.

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