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Does anyone know what are custody arguments are like in England? At what age does the child have a say in it and do Mums typically get preference over Dads? Thanks for any help!
Mums usually get priority but most divorced parents I know try to split the time their child/ children spends with them equally unless there is a good reason that one parent cannot support the child. Having said this my uncle whose never had a proper job and until very recently had alcohol problems had joint custody.

I know my cousins were fifteen and thirteen when their parents decided they could choose which parent they wanted to stay with. Mind their parents lived in the same town so this was pretty simple. However they now think thirteen was too young, but I'm pretty sure that judgement was the parents and not the law courts. I think there is a sense in the UK that if it can be sorted out without having to resort to the law courts and a battle over custody. Like something rather serious happened recently with my aunt but it was at her and my uncle's decision that she should no longer look after the kids rather than a law courts. I hope that helps somewhat.