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Thread: "The *attempted* kidnapping of Severus Snape" Round Robin

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    I will go next... *steals one of the drool rags from Tina*

    EDIT: Here it is. Well, I shamelessly inserted Gary into the story, hope he doesn't mind.

    The darkness was lifted by a magical wind blowing through the corridor. Professor Joanna looked around, smirking at the disorientated girls in front of her.

    “Thank you, Gary.” She turned to the young man standing at the end of the floor. The girls wheeled around simultaneously, and stared at the new arrival in complete silence.

    “You are certainly welcome. Am I allowed to return back to the library now, Auntie?” he asked, casting a longing look behind him.

    “I might need you later, but you know where you can find me and I know how to messenger you.” Professor Joanna winked at him conspiratorially and the young man left.

    His departure triggered a babel of enraged and frustrated voices. Lys inquired how it came that no one knew that Gary had an aunt, Steph asked whether Professor Joanna was still sane and Laura lamented about Gary’s loyalties.

    “Ladies!” Professor Joanna stopped them by lifting her right hand. “You were going to the Room of Requirement as far as I know. Why don’t we all go there? I’m sure you wouldn’t like to leave your object of affection in the hands of the others? They might take advantage of the situation and exclude you from benefiting from your clever plan.”

    “So you admit that it was a clever plan?” Steph asked while they were heading to the Room of Requirement.

    “Of course, I admit it. You are Ravenclaws; you are supposed to be clever. I would have been very disappointed if you would have failed at the end,” she said with a smile.

    “Why are you here?” Lys asked while Laura was pacing back and forth in front of the Room of Requirement.

    “I am here to save you a great trouble; I wasn’t lying when I said that. You are certainly trying your Head of House’s patience. I don’t believe that he will be happy at all when he hears from this. This is kidnapping, after all. In the Muggle world you would be already behind bars for this.” She looked at them pointedly, after Laura pressed down the door handle.

    The three of them looked taken aback, but Professor Joanna ushered them inside.
    I'll drop nutty a PM.

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    the nutty imp
    I'm here ....

    Laura continued to pace, she knew that the crazy Gryffindor was not the punctual type, but she was sure Miel was reliable. That darn nut was supposed to distract Professor Joanna; Laura could not believe trusted that little turncoat of an imp...

    Lys looked at Laura inquiringly. She had went along with Laura and help finished Miel's back-log of homeworks, but the Gryffindor obviously wasn't able to distract Professor Joanna, and here she though Miel was the master when it came to causing trouble especially to professors.
    Will finish tomorrow. Have to go. Bye!

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    Sorry, Miel, I had absolutely NO idea where your excerpt was coming form, I had no idea how to continue it

    So, I present to you the extremely late drabble written by Steph. A twist, and I show Joanna in a different light. She’s really quite a lovely person. I hope Mayliana can do well with this

    As they entered the next room, which much to Slian’s disdain turned out to be a cloakroom, Professor Joanna waved her wand lazily. Once every member of the team was squished inside the reasonably sized room, she adopted a concerned voice.

    “You’ve had me terribly worried,” she said. Each of the girls faces dropped as they gasped in amazement. Who the hell was this woman that at one point, she’s trying to bed Snape, the next she’s foiling their plans, and then most startling of all, she cares about them?

    “What’s going on?” demanded Lys. “Who are you, exactly? Why the bloody hell are you so concerned about us?”

    Professor Joanna looked all of the girls in the eye. Some held themselves upright, full of sneering courage and some, the younger girls, fidgeted where they stood. Professor Joanna commanded a certain amount of respect. Even with her worrisome face, she still appeared regal.

    “I’ve been reading up on Snape’s history,” she started, and with a snort of derision on Slian’s behalf, pointedly said, “I used to be a Ravenclaw too, you know.”

    “I was living in Hungary when the news reached me. Professor Dumbledore alerted me at once when it became known of your ploy.”

    “Yes,” she said to the aghast faces, “The Headmaster knows of your infatuation, and while he does not support it by any means, he sees it as a childhood crush as wishes it to go unnoticed.”

    “What if we’re not exactly children?” butted in Steph, “What if mpphppwwn –” She glared at Laura who had discretely placed her hand over her mouth.

    “As I said, the Headmaster contacted me immediately. He seemed to think not only were your sanity and good test marks in jeopardy, but also your well-being. He believed that perhaps Professor Snape would somehow be forced into a relapse.”

    “A relapse,” said Steph with as much scorn as she could muster, “What could Snape possibly be suffering from that he would relapse in?”

    “Don’t be so quite to judge your superiors, little one,” said Professor Joanna. “Professor Snape suffers form a fairly severe condition.”

    Laura’s eyes were almost popping out of her head. “Well, if you’re so worried, don’t harp on about it! What’s so bad about Snape being ill?”

    Professor Joanna hesitated. “It’s not a physical sickness Severus suffers from. What he suffers from is quite rare, and unremarkably hard to cure. It took my best efforts last time.”

    “Professor Snape is suffering from severe Fangirlism.”
    *giggles* Sorry, I had no idea what was wrong with him, s that’s what I came up with! I’m so sorry for the long delay; hopefully the length of this part will make up for it!

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    Ah, I'll take another turn. And I'll be more prompt this time.

    Question (if anyone looks here):
    You say you can include yourself in this, but what if you're not a Ravenclaw? Are characters only allowed to be Ravenclaws? I'm a Slytherin, so I'm just curious.

    *steals a drool rag from the pile*

    EDIT: This appears to have slowed/died, and school is starting for me. I still intend to do my part, if it gets to me, but if it goes a while without me responding skip me. Sorry, my life is getting more hectic by the day. /EDIT

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    Edit: 2-Nov-2006 1:24am

    I know this is dreadfully late, but maybe I can breathe new life into this thread with my update. Only time will tell.

    "What is taking them so long?" whined Sara, giving the Professors cheek another reverent caress.

    The four girls had been waiting in the Room of Requirement for what felt like three months, and the others had still not shown up.

    "I wonder if that professor Joanna took them to Dumbledore and turned them in," Delaney said concerned.

    Tina looked at the others and reprimanded, "Hey now, they are 'claws, they can handle one unconfirmed Professor." Looking back at the confirmed and adorable visage of Professor Severus Snape lying on the couch still unconscious gave Tina pause. What were they going to do if the others didn't show up? Should they continue with the plan? Should she continue with her own plan that nobody but she knew about?

    Tina had been having fun playing the school-girl again. Using her talent as a Metamorphmagus, she had decided to change her natural appearance and make herself look younger to get into the school and get closer to her obsession: Professor Severus Snape. In truth the witch was a healthy 38 year old who was totally infatuated with the snarling Potions Master. Nobody had bothered when she had shown up in classes and kept to the back, or when she had suddenly been given a room in Ravenclaw Tower mid-term. She was a likeable, if quiet student, until the kidnapping had been plotted. They still didn't realise that it had been her idea in the first place. She had made friends with Laura first, and had told her the truth of herself. Laura had been aghast but thought the whole situation was dreamy. She had helped to keep Tina's secret and had introduced her as a visiting cousin from America who had wanted to experience Wizarding School while abroad. Tina had actually spent the last 15 years locked in a horrible marriage, that had just gotten worse and worse. During the process of divorce she had decided that if she wanted anything in this life she was going to have to go out and get it. Hence, her little trip to Hogwarts and her plan to kidnap Professor Severus Snape. Now she had the opportunity, with most of the girls absent, to send these others away and disappear with her prize.

    "Hey," Tina said worriedly, "maybe you're right and we should go look for them and make sure they are ok, and that Professor Joanna didn't haul them off to some detention."

    Sara's head immediately snapped up. "I will stay here and watch over Professor Snape," she offered.

    "Wait just a minute," Delaney argued.

    Slian turned on them and said, "C'mon girls, this isn't going to get us anywhere." Studying her fellow Ravenclaws, she nodded her head several times and came to a conclusion. Slian was always the big thinker in their group; everybody just naturally acquiesced to her solutions. "Here is what I propose and why. Delaney we can't leave you here with the Professor, I'm afraid if he woke up before we got back he would scare you to death. I like you too much to let you die." Turning, she pointed at Sara, "I think it quite obvious why we can't leave you here with him."

    "What?" Sara almost shouted. Turning she tenderly pushed the inky black hair away from the unconscious Potions Master's eyes with one hand, while holding a death grip on his robes as if someone was going to yank him away at any moment.

    Slian looked sadly at Tina. "I'm sorry, Tina, but I have to go because I am a Seventh year and can smooth the way if we have to bail the others out of anything." She glanced from Tina to the professor and asked, "You sure you can handle him if he wakes?"

    Looking a little perturbed at being left behind while they went on a hunt and rescue for the others, Tina groused, "Ya, I can handle him. Though, I doubt he is going to wake anytime soon, unless woken."

    "Ok then," Slian gathered them into a huddle, "we know what we have to do, we have to rescue our sisters so that we can finish with our plan. Let's go out there and find them."

    Slian took Sara's hand and tugged her towards the door. The younger Ravenclaw went, but kept looking back sadly. Delaney finally came up behind her and shoved Sara out the door.

    As the door clicked shut, and the Room of Requirement became quiet, Tina stood in the centre of the room with a very mischievous grin on her face.

    I hope this will be continued, I really love the way this story just goes all over the place. It has been lots of fun. Sorry for the long wait, did you catch the reference to how long it has been in the second line?

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    Well since this is moving along somewhat, I think I'll sign up for another slice of the action.

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    Having just finished my latest section, I it too soon for me to go again?

    *answers self*

    Of course not, Lys!

    Marvelous! I'll just have some tea while I wait, then.

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    Just to be on the safe side, I think I had better get in line again here.

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    *yawns* Well, this has been fun, but... Okay, I'll wait a bit longer. BUT SLYTHERINS WAIT FOR NO ONE! *checks watch to see when mom gets home from work*

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