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Thread: "The *attempted* kidnapping of Severus Snape" Round Robin

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    This was a lot of fun - thanks, Lys! You gave me a great place to start!

    Severus Snape stared at the woman sitting across from him, and contemplated what she had just told him. It matched what Draco had said, but he was having difficulties understanding it. Ravenclaws were normally chosen for their intelligence. Yet, the actions of these Ravenclaws was far from intelligent. They were acting more like little kids who were trying to be Slytherins. The plot itself was quite cunning, but the purpose of it was insane, and the execution had been lamentable. Not one, but two people had managed to figure it out and had brought it straight to the person they were trying to hide it from. That wouldn't do. No, that wouldn't do at all . If they were going to get into subterfuge, they definitely needed some instruction.

    Then, this "Professor" Joanna had conducted an excellent subterfuge about being sent from the Headmaster, which he heartily approved, only to ruin it by making her own plans blindingly transparent. So, she would let him use her private rooms, would she? No, he didn't think so.

    "Well," she asked, making a desperate attempt at seduction. "What have you to say of my proposal?"

    "I think you should leave, Madam. I have a class to teach."

    "At this late hour?"


    "But, what about . . .?"

    "I believe I asked you to leave," he repeated. "Now, go."

    "Well, alright, but remember, the offer stands."

    "Yes, yes, I'm sure it does." He continued to glare at her. Finally, she scurried out the door.

    Now, he pondered to himself, what to do about those silly girls? He got up and paced a bit. It would look decidedly odd for him to show up unannounced at Ravenclaw Tower, especially since they were more numerous than he was. He decided to have a talk with their Head of House.

    "Ah, Severus! What can I do for you, this fine evening?" Filius Flitwick was positively jumping.

    "I thought you might want to know about the activities of your charges, Filius."

    "What? What would the Ravenclaws be up to? Have they been sneaking into the Restricted Section of the Library again? I have told them . . . "

    "It's not about the Library, Filius. It's far more personal than that."

    Filius looked dumbfounded, so Severus explained all that he had learned from Draco and the supposed "Professor" Joanna. "I think lessons of subterfuge are in order," he finished. "Otherwise, they are likely to get themselves killed in the very near future." He did not say that he was the one likely to cause that death.

    "Very well. I'll inform them they are all required to attend and that if they try any tricks, they will be sent to Mr. Filch. From what you said, I imagine that they would welcome a detention with you."

    Snape glared at the man.

    "Come on, Severus, lighten up. They're just a couple of girls."

    "I expect to see them at six o'clock in the morning. Douse them with cold water, if you have to."

    With that, he turned on his heel and stormed back to his dungeons. A smug smile graced his lips once he had retreated into his chambers. The tables had been turned. Now he was "kidnapping" them.

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    "I wonder why Professor Flitwick would want to see us," Silan whispered as the girls trodded down the hall. "Do you think he knows?"

    "About what?" Lys asked.

    "About our plan!" Silan retourned. "what would he think of his beloved Ravenclaws pursuing the potions professor?"

    Steph interrupted, "Don't spend too much time worrying about it, we're here. He probably just thinks we snuck into the Restricted Section of the library and wants to tell us off."

    "Ummm.... Steph... we did that too," Lys hestantly pointed out.

    The girls entered Flitwick's office to find him jumping about the room putting books back on a shelf that had fallen. He spotted them and walked over.

    "Ah, girls, thank you for showing up," Flitwick said. "You've been up to more than usual, haven't you."

    The girls shifted from foot to foot nervously.

    "It has most unfortuately been brought to my attention that you were ... pursuing our Professor Snape. I must say, I'm shocked. Of course, this behavoir is considered unacceptable at our school, you must understand that," Flitwick lectured in a surprisingly strict voice.

    Silan and Steph nodded dully.

    "So, despite all reason and yet in accordance with the school code, you will be given detention tomorrow morning at six. You will be serving this detention with Professor Snape."

    The girls exchanged looks of disbelief.

    "On to brighter topics, have you read that chapter in your book about Ensnarement Charms?" Flitwick said, his mood instantly switching from somber to bubbly. An animated discussion on the various things one could do to catch something in a trap followed, and a good deal later they set back down the hall to their common room.

    Silan gathered the group together, and Lys spoke. "Isn't this perfect? We thought we were going to get in in trouble, but instead we get detention with Professor Snape."

    "Wait. Why should we stop at detention? We need to get him here, like our original plan. Lets kidnap him after detention and drag him back!" Delaney stated.

    "But its at six in the morning. We can't keep him out of classes, it would be obvoius what we're doing!" pointed out Steph.

    Delaney laughed. "Then let's just make it so we can get to him tonight. We have access to the dungeons, we can set up a trap."

    "Like one of those Ensarement Charms!" Lys was jumping with excitement.

    "Exactly," said Delaney.
    Not brilliant, but its something.

    *Runs away in shame* Sorry I took so long, I got food poisoning and ... it was bad. You guys could have skipped me, I hate to have slowed you up this much. I would have skipped me.

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    *squeees* Finally back! I hope you all arn't too angry with me! *sits down next to Delaney and Tina in bean bag*

    Back in the common room, Slian was hunting through the many bookshelves in pursuit of one textbook – the one that held the information on Ensnarement Charms.

    “Lys,” she called over from one bookshelf. Her voice was slightly muffled, and Lys strained to hear her. “Lys, do you still have that book I gave you? Last night?”

    A look of surprise came over Lys’ face. She clapped a hand to her mouth. “Oh! Of course! It’s in my trunk. Be right back, you guys,” and she jumped the steps up to their dorm two at a time.

    She came thundering back down, moments later. In her hands was a heavy, dog-eared book entitled The Standard Book of Spells- Grade 7 and underneath, in scribbled ink, were the words Ravenclaw Edition.

    Steph’s eyes shone. “Ravenclaw edition? What does that mean?”

    Slian grinned. “Well, that means that we’ve each included something special; something we think the Ravenclaws aught to learn in their time at Hogwarts. “ She smiled mischievously.

    Delaney yawned, slouching on her horse-print bean bag. “C’mon Lys,” she said lazily, “Turn to our Ensnarement Charm.”

    Lys flipped the pages quickly, and then flipped one backwards, muttering, “Oops, too far.”

    She snickered, and then looked up. “Tina, would you like to do the honours?”

    Tina bounced over, then flumped down on the beanbag next to Delaney. She took the book from Lys, and then began to read in a highly theatrical voice.

    “To ensnare the mind and the senses,
    To bottle fame, blew glory,
    And trap the heart of your desire
    Within thine own grasp.”

    “The heart of our desire, ladies,” she said, winking. Laura took the book off her hands.

    “It says here, we have to be within range for the spell to work. And we each need to contribute something to the spell, to make sure the likes of Professor Joanna don’t interfere.”

    Slian was sceptical. “Something like… toenails? I just had mine painted! You can’t expect me to go clipping those red beauties!” Steph hooted loudly, and the others cracked up at her laughing.

    Shaking her head, Laura rolled her eyes. “No, no physical contribution. I’ll leave it to you, but remember, it must have something to do with our object of affection.”

    Tina giggled. “Ready for our detention, girls?”
    Bit of a filler, but i was just so happy to be writing it again, with all my Ravenclaw buddies included! Oh, and those not already in the story line, include yourselves somehow! The more the merrier!

    Oh, and i have the strangest laugh... *hides*

    EDIT: *giggles* I wear a TIE for school. And 'tis Ravenclaw Colours!

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    I won't be able to take my turn this time, as I'm leaving in a couple of hours to spend two months in Europe and at summer school. Carry on, and good luck! I can't wait to have more to read when I return.

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    Giggling, the girls trudged back up to their dorms to change into their school uniforms. The room became ablaze with perfume, increased chatter, and distracted shouts across the room. It seemed as if the girls were getting ready for a ball, instead of detention.
    Slian, being the first ready, clapped her hands and urged the girls on, nervously keeping an eye on the clock. After everyone had been primped and perfected to their satisfaction, they trooped out of their Common Room, and headed towards Professor Snape's classroom.

    "I wonder what he'll assign us," Lys grumbled in a semi-whisper.

    "Most likely something horrible," Steph offered, straightening her tie. Sooner than they had realized, they were standing in front of Snape's door.

    "Well, come on," said Laura urgently, and knocked.

    "Come in." The girls nearly burst into a fit of giggles when they heard the fimiliar voice. Barely under control, they walked in, trying to keep a straight face on. "Good morning."

    Snape sat lazily in his chair, his piercing abyssal eyes on them, twirling a quill in his hand. " I assume you know why you're here?"

    They chose to be silent - let him explain.

    "Yesterday, two people told me of a plan you had in mind." He paused, gazing at them.
    They fidgeted, but stayed silent. "Will you tell me who put such an outrageous idea into your heads?"

    His voice was eerily calm, unlike him. Slian spoke up.
    More of a filler, too. Hope you enjoyed. =) Good luck to the next participant!

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    "Well, Professor," offered Slian with a smile as Lys mouthed something. "It was you, of course."

    Professor Snape glared at the line of nervous girls before him, almost unable to comprehend the one answer he hadn't expected, his nigrescent eyes bored through each of them. Tentatively, they turned to Slian before turning back to the commanding presence of their favourite professor and nodded affirmatively.

    Something wasn't right.

    What seemed like minutes passed as the two parties stared each other out, the ladies of Ravenclaw watched Snape as he continued to shift his gaze along the line and back. Was he trying to read their minds? He most certainly was, but failing miserably.

    "I don't recall myself being the subject of this week's homework," he finally retorted, bemused by their effrontery and his apparant inability to delve into the minds of a few immature teenagers.

    The gaggle of girls giggled gaily as the words "myself...this week's homework" captivatingly teased their ears; they had set their own homework this week, and would stop at nothing to get it completed.

    "AND JUST WHAT DO YOU FIND AMUSING ABOUT THIS?" barked Snape, getting to his feet, his presence even more commanding than before.

    "Now!" urged Tina, as she looked in Laura's direction.

    Laura fumbled nervously with her sleeve; she had never cast this spell before, none of them had, but they were relying on her. Freeing her wand that had been strategically placed earlier, she raised her arm towards Snape and cried "Lapsus memoriae!"

    A nacarat-coloured flash exploded towards an unsuspecting Snape, catching him square in the chest. He stumbled, falling into his chair; the girls jumped back at the force of the spell. They exchanged curious glances, each looking at one another and the professor, who had yet to react to his unprovoked attack.

    "Wow Laura, you really gave it to him," chirped Tina.

    "Did I do it right? asked Laura, who looked visibly shaken by the experience.

    "I think it worked," enthused Lys. "What were the initial side-effects again?"

    "Erm...disorientation," recalled Slian.

    "And nausea, oh and a temporary lapidescent state that wears off relatively quickly," added Delaney, inching closer towards Professor Snape to get a better look at Laura's handywork.

    "Are you okay professor?" enquired Steph, prodding him with her wand.

    "He's still in a petrified state, I think," said Delaney.

    The rest of the girls surrounded the dazed Head of Slytherin. Phase one of their plan was complete; now they had to get him back to Ravenclaw Tower.

    Apologies for the, life and too many different ideas got in the way.

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    I'll go again if it's okay with everyone.

    *sits down to wait for next drabble*


    "Mobilicorpus," muttered Delaney.

    Invisible strings attatched themselves to the Ravenclaws' object of affection. He rose in the air and levitated.

    With Delaney's wand guiding Snape, the Ravenclaws left Snape's classroom walked quietly through the cold halls. They could hardly believe their plan was working so well.

    "Where do you think you're going?"

    The girls stopped dead in their tracks.

    "Professor Joanna?"

    "Yes, yes," she said slyly, tapping her foot. "Do you really think you'd all outsmart me?"

    "Um - " Steph tried to speak up.

    "I used to be a Ravenclaw, too," she said, raising an eyebrow. "I am quite as intelligent, if not more so, than you."

    "We're just trying to - " Slian tried to say, but Professor Joanna cut her off.

    "Kidnap Snape," she finished for her. "Or, as I should say, The attemped kidnapping of Severus Snape."

    "Attempted?" Steph asked.

    "Don't you think you're getting away with this," Joanna said mysteriously, raising her wand.
    joanna, please don't be mad at me! I'm not trying to offend you or anything, it just worked well (I think) with the story! You did the shameless self-insertion first. hehehe.

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    “Oi, has everybody in this castle gotten an internet connection now?” said Laura, looking around at the others in surprise.

    Professor Joanna smirked and in a commanding tone said, “I think it is about time that you girls gave it up and went back to your common room, you are getting in way over your head now.”

    Everybody began shuffling around in the hallway. The immobile and hovering body of Professor Snape held in the middle by Delaney and Tina, so that he would not continue to float down the corridor.

    Slian, being the apparent leader of the group, shuffled to the front and stood with her hands on her hips glaring at Professor Joanna. “Just, exactly what is your story anyway? What are you doing here, and why do you keep getting in our way?”

    Professor Joanna met the questions as if she had been waiting for them. “What makes you think that I do not only have your best interest at heart.” She gave them her most friendly of smiles, meeting the eyes of each girl in turn. “I had heard of your plan, and decided to try and bail you out before someone got hurt.”

    Slian snorted. “Ya, right!”

    In the back, Tina suddenly spoke up, “Can we just get on with this. Someone take care of the professor and let’s get out of here.”

    Laura looked appalled in Tina’s direction. “Tina, stop it! Let Slian handle it.”

    Tina, with a look of dead calm and menace on her face said, “No. I have had enough of this. DO IT NOW!”

    The corridor went pitch black.

    The girls jostled into each other and everyone dived into their robes for their wands. The shouts of “Lumos” from several different voices did nothing to penetrate the darkness.

    “Delaney, tell me that you didn’t forget?” Tina spoke.

    “No I have it here just a second, hold him.” Delaney pushed Snape’s floating body at Tina and rummaged in her robes. “Ok I’ve got it. You had better understand that this was not easy to get from Draco, Tina. I hope you appreciate what I went through.”

    “You know I do Del, now just light the thing and let’s get out of here before they find a way to dispel the Instant Darkness Powder.” Tina reached out in the darkness and found Delaney's wrist just as light erupted in front of her eyes.

    Still hearing the sounds of everyone stumbling around in the darkness, Delaney and Tina pushed Snapes body back down the hall. When they reached the edge of the Instant Darkness Powders effect, they found Sara waiting for them.

    “Oh my God you did it!” Sara exclaimed. Reaching up and touching Snapes unconscious face, she cooed, “He’s so peaceful when he sleeps.”

    “Ok, Sara, that’s enough. Let’s get him to the Room of Requirement before anyone sees us.” Tina insisted, starting to push the Potions master along the corridor at a bit of a run. “Then you can fawn over him all you like.” Tina then smiled, “I can’t wait until he wakes up and starts yelling, that voice.” She said dreamily.
    Everybody welcome Sara, aka Accio_Brain who has been feeding my Snape/AR obsession to obesity. I luuuuuuvvvvvv her.

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    I'm going again! I had loads of fun with my first section! And brought dear Tina back to us! *giggles*

    EDIT: Yes, I know it's my turn! I am working on a couple different ideas, and should have something in the next few days!

    EDIT the second: And here it is!

    Sara, Slian, Delaney and Tina hurried along the corridors toward the Room of Requirement, with Slian and Sara in the lead, peering around corners to ascertain that they wouldn't run into anyone unfriendly. When they finally reached the desired corridor, Slian ran farther ahead and paced in front of the door the necessary three times, so that when the others caught up to her, she was holding the door open for them. The Room of Requirement had turned into something remarkably like Ravenclaw Tower, with similar-looking couches and chairs, a fireplace, and bookshelves. Unlike Ravenclaw Tower, there was a cabinet full of ominous-looking potions ingredients, several books that looked as though they belonged in the Restricted Section, and, most astonishingly, a set of Muggle handcuffs and chains with which to imprison a person. Yes, the Ravenclaws were ready for anything.

    The girls hurried into the room and laid Snape on the couch it had obligingly provided. Then they looked around and looks of horror came across their faces.

    "Where are the others?" Delaney asked.

    "What others? Who got left behind?" Sara was clearly a little confused.

    "Oh my...they must not have been able to see Delaney's hand!" Slian groaned.

    "Okay, just be calm," said Tina. "They knew the plan. As soon as the darkness goes away, and they escape that Professor Joanna, they'll be up here. We just have to give them a little time."

    "We should probably keep him asleep until they get here," Delaney commented reasonably. "Laura especially, but Lys and Steph also, would kill us if they missed this." The others looked a little downcast at this pronouncement, but they all nodded. Slian pulled her wand back out and muttered more spells over his head, ensuring that their kidnapped professor would remain unconscious and therefore unaware that he had been bested by his students. At least, for a little while. The girls then flopped onto the comfortable chairs and waited.

    And waited.

    And waited.
    Looking forward to seeing what happened to our poor missing girls!

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    Seeing as people are on their second (and third) goes, I won't feel guilty anymore by reserving another spot.

    *Puts Sarah on the spot and tells her to waft her stink over to any Snape rivals that may be heading our way*

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