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Quick question. I've noticed that a lot of authors have their characters use Muffliato to block sound from going out through a closed door. I thought the correct charm was the Imperturbable Charm. Or curse--can't remember exactly.

So does anyone know the exact uses for these two spells?

Also, is there a correct list of most or all of the canon spells and terms somewhere around here?

Muffliato creates a faint buzzing sound that prevents other people from overhearing your conversation. The Imperturbable Charm only repels physical objects, but not sound. However, Molly Weasley used the Imperturbable Charm to prevent eavesdropping on Order meetings not by actually blotting out sound, but by preventing Extendable Ears from being slipped through the door.

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EDIT: Looks like the Post Nargles have mixed up the order of things again...