Yes. I edited my post a few times, and I accidentally took out something in them. I don't really see this as being completely informal, but maybe "semi-formal". After all, we already *do* have "an (unsupervised), informal discussion forum where everyone can just post their lectures, whether they're qualified or not" in the General Fanfiction Forum. They're not called lectures, but the problem isn't that the people posting the topics are unqualified, it's that there's no structure with regard to timing.

And to be honest, ideally, it would be more formal than that forum, but not as formal as the current workshop set-up. So, ideally, the people posting lectures would not be just random posters, but specifically designated teachers (like in Hogwarts). I don't think there is any place on MNFF that is "unsupervised". It would be formal in the timing and who got to start threads, but informal in the type and amount of participation, if that makes sense.