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Thread: Increasing participation

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    Yes. I edited my post a few times, and I accidentally took out something in them. I don't really see this as being completely informal, but maybe "semi-formal". After all, we already *do* have "an (unsupervised), informal discussion forum where everyone can just post their lectures, whether they're qualified or not" in the General Fanfiction Forum. They're not called lectures, but the problem isn't that the people posting the topics are unqualified, it's that there's no structure with regard to timing.

    And to be honest, ideally, it would be more formal than that forum, but not as formal as the current workshop set-up. So, ideally, the people posting lectures would not be just random posters, but specifically designated teachers (like in Hogwarts). I don't think there is any place on MNFF that is "unsupervised". It would be formal in the timing and who got to start threads, but informal in the type and amount of participation, if that makes sense.

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    Would these informal lectures be about Harry Potter or about writing in general? Because the former sounds like something on the main site. Mugglenet used to post editorials that people could then discuss online afterwards. I know because I read a lot of them, discussed them, and then wrote two of my own. It's how I got into fanfiction. I don't know if they still do that, but it was cool. It was all Harry Potter, though--not writing. There are probably other forums for writing in general.

    I think Roxy made a good point: it's discouraging to do something and then have no one participate. It happens all the time in challenges and discussions and now Hogwarts. I can't see people jumping at the bits to post tutorials that might never be seen, read, or used. It's a nice idea, but it would require a lot of coordination and effort for little reward.

    The fact is, the boards have slowed down because fanfiction has slowed down. There are no new books to anticipate and one last movie. I think after DH finishes its run, things will slow down even more. Throwing more stuff at people on the forums idoesn't seem likely to increase participation. A Harry Potter encyclopedia from JKR might.

    Just a few things to consider,

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    I think that Verona understands what I meant by once-off tutorials. Thank you for explaining so well -hugs-

    Actually, I have participated in the Halloween challenge. When I checked yesterday, one more person had to post before I could participate in the round Robin again. You probably missed it on my profile. I also did have a look at the drabble in RR before it came up in this thread and I'm still working on a response. I also have a drabble posted as part of the class I'm participating in.

    This is just to indicate that I have gone through the effort of exploring the forums. I've read the rules and about threads for every subforum, etc. Honestly, I think that two months ought to be enough time to become somewhat familiar with a board. Respectfully, if you don't like the idea, fine, it's just an idea and I'm not overly attached to it - but it's not because I haven't done my 'homework' - I just have different needs and likes than you do, even though I'm newer to these specific boards.

    I think Verona sums up my feelings quite well in that every topic set is not for everybody. I personally feel that it would be nice to have extra variety, but it's fine if it doesn't fit with the general needs of the board.

    I just find it somewhat of a futile exercise to comment on threads where an author has already made a determination as to which course of action to follow, but has yet to lock their thread (and probably forgot about it). There are a few such examples that I've noticed in the Hospital Wing, including in the OC section of the Character Clinic. It's disheartening to read through three forum pages, only to find that a determination has already been made by the author.

    I'll probably make some edits to this post later on. The migrane hasn't gone away and six hours of exams only served to create a horrid day.


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    The following reflects the opinions of several members of the mod team:

    Thank you for your suggestions, Esmerilda.

    1. There are several ways for you to acquire enough posts to apply to SBBC and SPEW. We don't not believe it is hard to find space to post. I see you are Sorted; post in Ravenclaw. Carole, Natalie, and Kara have all pointed out places on the boards where you can post as well. Vorona mentioned dueling threads. If you have a serious issue with the entry requirements for SBBC or SPEW, I suggest you talk to one of the moderators of those forums by sending them as the PM.

    2. There has been a project in the works for awhile about mods writing informal tutorials about their pet peeves. We hope to resurrect it soon, and if we did so, it would be in the vein that Vorona is discussing about informal classes. Even if it weren't though, if you're interested in what a class is doing but don't have time to take the class, just go to the classroom and read the lecture threads posted by the professor. They should be visible to all students.

    3. If you have questions or suggestions about specific sub-forums (Remus' Reflections, TTB, Hospital Wing, etc.) I suggest you PM the moderator of that sub-forum. Their name can be found on the sub-forum. The general suggestion thread is really for forum-wide changes only. The majority of your suggestions have been about things that actually already exist, and now you should know where those threads and/or forums are.

    Thank you for voicing your concerns. This thread is now closed.

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