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Thread: Cigarettes in wizarding world?

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    Cigarettes in wizarding world?

    This is just a quick question- what do you think the odds are that purebloods would smoke cigarettes? I know the Slytherin purebloods are often portrayed as idle, wealthy and decadent and in a Muggle world they would almost certainly smoke/ drink. But since cigarettes were relatively recent (I think they were a late 19th century thing) I'm not sure whether purebloods would smoke them. If not can you think of an equally 'decadent'/ physically damaging (no offence meant to any smokers on MNFF) equivalent?
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    Mundungus smokes a pipe, and that is the only depiction of tobacco smoking in the series. If any Pureblood characters are going to smoke, it would probably be via pipes, or maybe cigars if you want to be a little more advanced. Cigarettes don't strike me as being particularly wizard-y, so they might only be smoked by Muggle-borns or Purebloods wanting to make some kind of statement, like Molly suggested.

    Also, you might consider whether they would smoke tobacco, or some magical equivalent or some other plant like opium.

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    I'm sure smoking tobbacco would be popular, but the more old-minded purebloods would probably smoke pipes. Of course, with the stories taking place in the ninties and cigarettes being around for almost a century then, I could see younger people smoking them. Wizards certainly aren't above the use of cameras, are they?

    Besides, if you wanted to, in a earlier time, young wizards could smoke cigarettes as a form of rebellion against Muggle-hating ideals, if cigarettes were considered a Muggle-thing.

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    Fancy alcohol is decadent and in large quantities certainly isn't very good for you, particularly if you're drinking the hard stuff.

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