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Thread: Killing Dementors

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    I know I said that they can't be killed, but maybe, as they breed in despair, you could feed it so much happiness that it exploded from joy and all the souls were released
    Hmmmm, cheering charms could do it! Thanks
    I could change it so the ministry is experimenting on ways to get rid of them, since they don't control Azkaban anymore.

    Flamethrowers. Everything is better with flamethrowers. That's the way to go.
    I have to agree! Incendio or lynx and a lighter? lol

    Thanks for the link, it's really helpful
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    My take

    Well, as we have seen in Goblet of Fire, Alastor Moody killed a spider with the Aveda Kedevra Curse. This demonstrates that the killing curse takes the lives of non-human beings as well as human. As far as I can discern, dementors are living creatures that think for themselves, though somehow they have been bound to work for the Ministry(Maybe this should be another thread). But if dementors are living, the Aveda Kedevra curse can kill them. I can put it in a syllogism. The Aveda Kedevra Curse kills living things. Dementors are living things, therefore, the Aveda Kedevra Curse can kill them. Case in point, that is the only possible way I can think of killing a dementor, and I am convinced it would work.

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    If the Avada Kedavra curse can kill them, why don't the Ministry use it on them when they go on the loose in Half Blood Prince? No, I don't think it would be as simple as that. Lupin says (I think) that the Patronus Charm is the only spell that can repel them, and he wouldn't say that if they could be killed.

    Perhaps Dementors can be starved to death, but I think it would take a long time. They're only 'getting hungry' at the time of the match against Slytherin in PoA, so they've been several months without their human prey. I don't know, perhaps they'd just fade away if they didn't eat? I don't think there's a spell that could kill them.

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    Well, perhaps the MoM doesn't use the Avada Kedavra curse because it's Dark magic and an Unforgiveable. Don't you have to summon a lot of hate to use one of those curses? I don't know if I'd want to use an AK to kill a Dementor if I could summon a Patronus instead. That said, I could see there being a very good, magical reason why Dementors cannot be killed by an AK curse. You'd have to really get into the nature of their being. If living things like spiders can be killed by an AK, perhaps Dementors are not quite living things. Perhaps they are something completely different that cannot be killed by AK.

    And I think a flamethrower would just set their robes on fire.


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    I don't think dementors can truly be classified as living. I don't think of them as beings, or even animals, really. I think they're basically the embodiement of fear/sadness/terror/whatever. If they were alive, they'd have to eat. And the only things we see them eating are souls, which aren't corporeal(is that the word for like immaterial?). I think they'd need something solid to eat if they were alive.

    So if they're not alive, I would assume they cannot be killed by the Killing Curse, or by any other means.

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