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Thread: Voldemort's Being

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    Maybe I didn't portray my questions clearly enough. I was, in the second paragraph, talking about the Gaunts and how he took their things (wasn't it at the same time as his fathers murder that he sent the younger gaunt away? Gosh my memory is fuzzy. Or did he kill him? Or no, did he kill the older gaunt? Anyway, despite my lack of knowledge, what I'm asking is why he killed the Gaunt/s as well? To make him more powerful, so he had Slytherin's things?

    And I agree with you also, Maple about it possibly being because he wanted to get rid of any trace of proof he was a muggle. And this could stem from his childhood as well, starting Hogwarts. Maybe he wanted to seem the least bit half-blood as he possibly could?

    Just some questions that may be pointless or not, but I thought I'd bring them up.

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    Tis what happened, if I remember correctly:

    Tom finally found living relatives, aka the Gaunt House. But only his uncle was there. His grandfather died, in Azkaban, I think, and his Uncle Morfin was the only one left. Tom interrogated Morfin and found out that his father lived in the big house over the way. He took the ring with the Resurruction Stone in it, then probably Stupefied Morfin and took his wand, then went to Riddle Mansion, I think it's called, to confront his father. He killed his father and his grandparents, too, for good measure. Then he went back to Morfin and modified his memory so that when the officials questioned him, he would say that he did remember killing the Riddles, and his wand would prove it. And nobody went deeper into the case, because Morfin already had records showing that he had attacked the Riddles before. Or someone in town, at least.

    Long paragraph.

    So I don't think Tom wanted to kill Morfin, because he was related to him by his good bloodline; he was a pureblood. But Tom was also disgusted at the way Morfin was living. And even if Morfin was pureblood, that didn't mean Tom would spare him. Morfin was drunk and nasty, and that helped Tom's unsparingness. Morfin was just a part of Tom's plan. Didn't he make a Horcrux from his father's murder?

    Oh, and Morfin died in Azkaban.

    So did Tom murder his father for revenge and a Horcrux? Did he just have his mind set on what he wanted, not on grudges? Kinda?

    I'm pretty sure he made a Horcrux using his father's murder. Pretty sure indeed.


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    Maple's post jumped to number seven, somehow, so I feel no guilt.

    He didn't actually kill the Gaunts. Marvalo was in Azkaban and he used Morfin as a scape goat. Voldemort killed the Riddle's with Morfin's wand, planted the memory in Morfin's mind so he would think he did it, and then stole the ring. Morfin was then sent to Azkaban and died there. Marvalo died within 3 months of returning to the Gaunt house after his sentance in Azkaban as there was no one to care for him.
    I thought Marvolo was dead already. But I think you're right. Or did he get sent to Azkaban, and Merope used that time to escape from the house? And Marvolo came back expecting his table set with a full meal, but instead finding a couple inches of dust? /paraphrasing what Dumbledore said.

    I have something else I want to bring into this. Let's not go by our assumptions, and turn to the books. I don't think Tom Riddle ever liked any body of his. We're not sure about his younger years, but we can read between the lines a bit from the books. In GoF, Voldy accuses Wormtail of being repulsed by him, every time he looked at him, so on. That was the temporary body. And later, when he's gotten his new body, he says to Harry, I think, Look at what I have become, Harry.


    When Harry gets the dream of Voldemort asking for information from Avery or someone in OotP, Voldy's having melancholy thoughts, I think, and he turns and looks in the mirror--and Harry wakes up. I think Voldemort's thoughts would continue in that tone. I'm not exactly sure about this, as I don't have my books on me, but I think this is what happened. I think Voldemort was a bit...resentful? of his body? Not sure if that's the right word...

    Can anyone think of anything else, or give their thoughts about this?


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