Maybe I didn't portray my questions clearly enough. I was, in the second paragraph, talking about the Gaunts and how he took their things (wasn't it at the same time as his fathers murder that he sent the younger gaunt away? Gosh my memory is fuzzy. Or did he kill him? Or no, did he kill the older gaunt? Anyway, despite my lack of knowledge, what I'm asking is why he killed the Gaunt/s as well? To make him more powerful, so he had Slytherin's things?

And I agree with you also, Maple about it possibly being because he wanted to get rid of any trace of proof he was a muggle. And this could stem from his childhood as well, starting Hogwarts. Maybe he wanted to seem the least bit half-blood as he possibly could?

Just some questions that may be pointless or not, but I thought I'd bring them up.

~ Annalisr x