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Thread: Did Amycus Carrow die in the Final Battle?

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    Did Amycus Carrow die in the Final Battle?

    I know that him and Alecto were tied up and everything before the battle, but during it, did they manage to escape and fight? Did they die? Maybe I missed something, in DH. I dunno.

    I'm writing a story set just when James is born (can someone tell me when that is too - how old was Harry and Ginny at the time?) and I'm wondering if there was any way that Amycus could've escaped after the battle.


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    James Potter was probably born round about 2004. We don't have an exact DOB for him, but he was around 13 years of age in the epilogue (he's quite immature).

    So as Harry was born in 1980 and Ginny in 1981, they'd be around 24 and 23 respectively when James was born.

    Albus is 11 in the epilogue. He joins Hogwarts in the year he turns twelve so he would have been born anytime from Sept 2005- August 2006.

    Lily is two years younger than Albus.

    It's possible that someone freed Amycus and Alecto, but if McGonagall tied them up securely and left them locked in Ravenclaw Tower, I doubt anyone would have thought to look for them. Unless you're planning on writing an evil Claw who's really a Death Eater and can get into their Tower.


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    Amycus did not die in the Battle of Hogwarts. He was captured in the Ravenclaw Tower by Professor McGonagall who used the Imperious Curse and tied him up. It is most likely that at the time of your story, he would be in Azkaban.

    Some good places to check for information on book characters would be Harry Potter Wiki or the HP Lexicon.

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    Thanks, both Molly and Carole, for your help.


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