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Thread: Bookworm: Available unless Otherwise Specified

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    Hey Sarah! I'll be happy to beta this for you. I'll pm you my email address in a sec.

    Walking fine lines

    Still Available for:

    Two chaptered stories,
    Three one-shots,

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    Username: MerryD [forums]; MerrryD [archives]
    What you prefer to be called: Mere
    Title: still working on that...
    Ratings, Warnings: 6th-7th years; Character Death (though no one actually dies in the story), Substance Abuse (alcohol)
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: One-shot
    Word Count: 3,804
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Yes, it is
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: No thanks, I like working with different betas :]
    Summary: I'm flip-flopping between Post Hogwarts or D/A; no ships


    It was so cold and isolating. It broke even the strongest of people, made them feel terrible and helpless, like they were drowning with no hope of being saved. Percy was not a strong person.He was already broken. When Fred died right in front of his eyes, he became completely unhinged.He forgets the most important thing about surviving.

    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Brutally honest, please
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Not that I can think of
    And lastly, tell me, What exactly is the function of a rubber duck? To make people question it's function. :P

    Thank you!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MerryD
    Ratings, Warnings: 6th-7th years; Character Death (though no one actually dies in the story), Substance Abuse (alcohol)
    I'm sorry to disappoint you, Mere, but I don't take 6th-7th years. If you've ever got a story with a lower rating, I'd be happy to take it, though.

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    UserName: OliveOil_Med
    What you would prefer to be called: Molly
    Title: More Than a Divided Country
    Genre: General
    Ships: None
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th Years; Mild Profanity, Violence
    Word Count: 6000 words per chapter
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Expected Beta Time: one week, if possible
    Permanent Y/N: If you can, but will settle for just one chapter
    Summary: When Korea was divided by a war, twin sisters—Yu Mi-cha and Eun-cha—were separated as well. Almost fifty years later, their granddaughters are brought together through being Muggle-born witches: Kim Hae-won from the South and Ryang Young-jae from the North.

    But even in this new world of magic, they are not free of political turmoil, and the Korean wizarding world is on the verge of a choice that could change the world forever.

    Any other information: Pretty please?

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    Although it is difficult to resist your pretty please, for reasons I specified in my pm, I can't take your story, Molly. Thank you for asking!

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    Hey there, it's me again

    Name (on MNFF and Beta Boards if they're different): princessbipolar here, Immunity in the MNFF.
    Story title The Light that Casts the Shadow
    Genre: General
    One-shot or chaptered: One-shot
    Has it been validated yet on MNFF?: Nope
    Rating: Hm...1st-2nd year? (There's really nothing much involved)
    Warnings: None yet, hopefully.
    Standing alone in the cemetry, Severus Snape reflects about how Lily Evans had forsaken and abandoned him after her death. And yet, he couldn't help but remember her warm yet sincere smile.

    How he wished she had been his.

    How soon would you like the story beta'd?: Anything is fine, I'm not in a hurry.
    Would you prefer emailing me or PM'ing me?: Emailing
    Anything else?: It's basically just Snape reflecting on his past experiences and it includes varying characters. But it's mainly centered around Lily Evans and him.

    I got it betaed once before submitting the story but sadly, it got rejected. So I'm hoping if you can act as my second beta (if you don't mind) and help me by improving the story.


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    Sure, I'll take it. Send it on over.

    I am still Available for

    Two chaptered stories,
    Two one-shots,
    However many drabbles.

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    Username: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    What you prefer to be called: Maple
    Title: I'm Moving On
    Ratings, Warnings: Probably 3rd-5th Years. Character Death, I suppose. I'm not sure if I'll need anything else.
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chaptered
    Word Count: Chapters range from 1200-2500 words, the total should be between 10,000-12,000 words, I'm thinking.
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N:Nopers.
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: For this one, yes please
    "It was all in vain. He still killed her. She had “put her faith in the wrong person”. He felt his heart break again, felt it shatter into a million pieces. Pieces that could never be put back together, a heart that would never love again. The Dark Lord disappeared that night, but he didn’t care. He didn’t celebrate, he didn’t raise a glass in toast to the boy who did it,instead, for the first time since he was a child, he cried himself to sleep, knowing that he’d never see those eyes again, feeling the great regret that it was all his fault...all his fault, and nothing could change that. He didn’t care that her son lived, He was sure to mirror his father anyway. All that really mattered is that she was gone, gone forever, and it was all his fault."
    Ships: None
    Genre: Not sure yet, either Dark/angsty or Post Hogwarts or Alternate Universe (I really don 't want it in AU though.)
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in:Brutally Honest. I tried a new style type thing, so we need to see how it works.
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Not really, you're an awesome beta, you'll find everything

    I have 4 chapters right now, but I'll send them one at a time
    Avvie by me, banner by TM_Wandstick.
    It matters not what one is born, but what they become.Don't let your praying knees get lazy, and love like crazy!

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    Sure, Maple! Do you still have my email? Nevermind, I'll tell you over aim if you don't.

    I am still Available for

    One chaptered,
    Two one-shots,
    Any drabbles.

    Currently doing:
    Sarah's chaptered,
    Maple's chaptered,
    Jane's one-shot.

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    Oops. That was me. Gwen's always forgetting to log out. >.< Dunno why it won't let me delete it.

    Oh, I'm also doing:

    Carrie's chaptered,
    Horace's chaptered.
    Both from PI.

    EDIT: Because I am going to try and actually write a Mystery for the May GH challenge, I am changing what I can take right now to no chaptered stories, one one-shot and any drabbles.
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