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Thread: Bookworm: Available unless Otherwise Specified

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    Username: rachelnotrach
    What you prefer to be called: i'm interested to see what you come up with, but i'm pretty sure my username gives a big hint to what I don't want to be called
    Title: Reindeer (working title that I just came up with)
    Genre:technically marauder era
    Ships: none I guess
    Ratings, Warnings: no warnings
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Drabble
    Word Count: 457
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Yes
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N:No
    Summary: The Weasley children find a reindeer while out getting a Christmas tree. (I know, really bad summary- but anything else would give the entire plot away)
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Comprehensive
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? grammar in particular, but also plot stuff... it's pretty short
    And lastly, any Additional Comments? Nope

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    so, sorry. I forgot to put this in the first post and since you can't edit them... so the drabble is for the three broomsticks Four Candles of Advent Week 3 challenge, so it is due on the 21st. So... expected beta time: by the 20th.

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    Sure, I'll take it. I'll PM you in a moment.

    Still Available!

    But I am taking Christmas off...

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    Hi, I wondered if you could help me out by having a look through a drabble for the Four Candles Week 4 prompt?

    Username: PippaPippa
    What you prefer to be called: Pip
    Title: Of Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
    Ships: Molly and Arthur, but not in a big way...
    Ratings, Warnings: none
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Drabble
    Word Count: 298
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Yes
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: We'll see how busy we both are!
    Summary: The scent of a memory comes to mind for Molly as she thinks back to her first meeting with Arthur.
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Honest and open. I like any suggestions!
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Not particularly. Just your thoughts on the drabble as I haven't been writing on here in quite a while...



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    Hey Pip, I would love to help you out with that! Molly/Arthur is one of my favorite ships!

    Still Available!

    But wait to post until after Christmas, because I am taking Christmas off.

    Besides that, why would you be on here on Christmas? Don't you have presents to be opening and family to be having fun with?

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    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

    I'm back!
    Feel free to request my beta'ing services, because I am, once again,

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    Do you think you could take on a story of mine?

    I have a story that needs your talents if you have the time.

    Username: OliveOil_Med
    Story Title: The Arcane ScoRA and the Blood Pact
    Genre: Next Generation
    Ships: None, except for a few mentions of Teddy/Victoire and everyone who's married.
    Rating and Warnings: 1st-2nd Years; DH Spoilers, Character Death
    Word Count: 4000-8000
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent: Possibly
    Method of correction: Dealer's choice
    Summary: Albus, Rose, and Scorpius about to return Hogwarts when the Daily Prophet is splattered with headlines of Alarice Dugan, Maddox's mother, proclaiming the exhistance of the Arcane ScoRA and tell the world about the Blood Pact she has made with her son to find justice for her son. Now, all the wizarding world is focused on these three second-years' and their every waking moment.

    Staying under the radar should prove simple enough, but between receiving strange gifts of great magical power followed by perfect oppurtunities to use them, it is proving quite difficult. Now it seems like just a matter of time before the Arcane ScoRA first and most important rule is broken, and the secret organization comes crumbling down.

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    Hey Molly! I've read part of the first Arcane ScoRA, it was interesting. Sure I'll be your second beta - Pip is beta'ing it for you, too, isn't she? Anyway, I've beta'ed for you before, so you still have my email address, right? If you need it again, shoot me a pm.

    Alright, well since I've now got this chaptered, and I just took on another one through PI, I think I am

    Available (but only for one-shots and drabbles).

    EDIT: I am going on Hiatus and no longer accepting new stories to beta. I will continue to beta the chaptered fics I currently have though, never fear. If you absolutely NEED me, contact me through PI, or, if you already have my email address, send me an email. Thanks!


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    Hello there, dear writers! This beta is back on the block! In other words, no longer on hiatus.

    Therefore, I am opening up shop again, and declaring myself quite

    However, unlike before my hiatus, I am putting a limit on how many stories I'll take at once.
    Before my hiatus (when I was taking on stories left and right), I became rather overwhelmed, which,
    I will admit, is part of what led to said hiatus.

    So this time, I will take only Three Chaptered stories,
    Three One-Shots,
    and, oh, we'll say however many drabbles, cause they don't seem to need betaing as often.

    Of course, there are certain warnings/ratings I don't take, so be sure to check that beforehand, but please feel free to post a beta request!

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    Seventh Year Gryffindor
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    Here, there and everywhere
    Ooh, I'll claim you first!!

    Username: Sapphire at Dawn on both
    What you prefer to be called: Sarah. Although a made up nickname would be fun...
    Title: Walking Fine Lines
    Genre: Marauder
    Ships: Lily/James and a few various Marauders/OC
    Ratings, Warnings: 1st-2nd years, and none at the moment. This may change as the story progresses.
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chaptered
    Word Count: first chapter is about 2,500
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: N
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: For this fic, yes please
    Summary: There isn't a summary yet. The fic takes place in Marauder's fifth year, and charts the relationship between Lily and James over the course of the year. Things like the Marauder's Map and Animagus transformations will also occur.
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Brutally Honest
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Characterisation would be good. Flow, the plot as well. Anything and Everything you want
    And lastly, any Additional Comments? I've got a few betas for this already, so you'll be possibly the third person to look over this. I hope that's okay.

    Sarah x

    Wonderful avvie by psijupiter. Totally brilliant and amazing banner by Julia/the opaleye!

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