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Thread: Bookworm: Available unless Otherwise Specified

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    Sure, I'd love to take it. Send it whenever you like.

    And, to everyone else, I am, once again, sadly Unavailable. Homework, homework, homework. *grumbles*

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    Thank you for the official request, Neigh... ;)

    Eh, I guess I'll take it... Since you kind of already sent it... and you asked me to do it forever ago... But, still, to everyone else,

    (P.S. Elene, I am looking forward to much more from you. Permanent = awesome. )

    EDIT: The jumping curse has struck again!

    EDIT number two: I am, for a few days at least, once again,

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    Username: Elene
    Title: Grim truth
    Genre: Humour
    Ships: none
    Ratings, Warnings: 3-5th, mild profanity, substance abuse
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chap
    Word Count: 10k?
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: n
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: Well you kinda are. Expect more fics.
    Summary: You have this
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Comprehensive
    And lastly, any Additional Comments? Nope


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    Username: ravenclaw1997
    What you prefer to be called: Hmm, Manda works, or whatever you decide
    Title: I haven't come up with one yet (amazing, I know)
    Genre: General
    Ships: None yet, but eventually two original characters
    Ratings, Warnings: 3rd-5th years; not sure yet
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chaptered
    Word Count: Prologue is still in the works, but 800 so far, and chapters will probably be pretty long; maybe 2-3K apiece
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Nope
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: It would be helpful
    Summary: When the Marcus family's world falls apart, Adelaide is sure she has it the worst. Her brother is as good as dead, and her family is treating her like an outcast.

    When she gets the letter, Adelaide realizes that she has always been different from her family, and is happy to finally be going where she belongs.

    In this tale of lessons learned and hardships overcome, the Marcus family realizes many things; among them love, magic, and loss.
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: I actually like Brutally Honest, but if it's too hard for you, anything's fine, really
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? I can be pretty bad with describing things and elaborating, and it's my first fic so a lot will probably go wrong.
    And lastly, any Additional Comments? Not that I can think of...

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    Hey, Manda, I will PM you my email in just a sec.

    To everyone else, it looks like I shall be Unavailable again until Thursday. But after Thursday, request away!

    EDIT: 'Tis Thursday and I am Available again, and shall probably remain so for a few weeks now! Yay for Thanksgiving break!

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    Hello! Thanks for replying to my beta wanted add, Bookworm.

    User Name: luinrina
    What you prefer to be called: Bine of course. Though, I also respond to Lu.
    Story: ... As We Fall From Grace
    Genre: historical but with D/A elements/atmosphere woven throughout
    Ships: so far none
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th years; Violence, Character’s Death
    Word Count: around 5,000 per chapter as I tend to be wordy
    One Shot or Chaptered: chaptered
    Expected Beta Time: within a week per chapter if possible
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: no, but seeing that I need the first two chapters up to continue with the story for my D/A class, it would be great if it didn't take too long to beta it
    Permanent Y/N: for that story it would be nice
    Summary: (still subject to alterations)
    Magic is only as strong as your heart is…

    Fire, Earth, Wind and Water – these four natural forces were once part of an ancient magic that only few possessed. Over the time those wielders got fewer. But this special magic retreats even further, and the founders’ offspring are no longer in the ancient magic’s possession. Has it died out? Is the ancient magic condemned to diminish?

    … and your heart is only as strong as you want it to be.
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Definitely honest. I want you to tell me straight away if you think something doesn't work. But some gentleness in truth can never hurt. I won't run away screaming and crying if you're direct, but I've been working on this story for so long already and am quite attached to it that I think brutal honesty will kill my muse.
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Sentence structure, commas and language (as in "Is this language too modern or fitting for the time period?")
    And lastly, any Additional Comments? Again, thanks a lot for wanting to take this on. I'm now finally done with chapter one of part one and could send it over as soon as you're ready.
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    Hey Bine!

    Like I already said in my reply to your beta wanted thread, I'll be happy to Beta this for you. I'll pm you my email address in a moment.

    Everyone else: I am still Available!

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    Hi Molly!

    We'll give it a try, shall we? I'll send you my email address momentarily.

    It's Thanksgiving break, I've no homework - BETA TIME! But, for now, please no more requests. I am declaring myself,

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    I have a potential assignment for you!

    Username: OliveOil_Med
    Story: Snape Didn't Die
    Genre: Humor
    Ships: None
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd-5th years/Mild Profanity, DH Spoilers
    Word Count: Around 7000 words
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chapter
    Expected Beta Time: One week, or sooner would be nicer
    Permanent Y/N: Possibly
    Summary: Snape didn't die, he simply joined the Witness Relocation Program. A funny slogan for an avatar, but what if some crazed author somewhere decided to write the story behind it?

    On the run from all those who would want to see his head on a platter, Severus Snape is put through a series of tests. But between scantily-clad Ministry agents, seeing-eye elves, and an all-witch school and all the drama that goes along with it, he is beginning to wonder how much worse the alternative would really be

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    I fail...

    I have a sad announcement, dearies. I am writing this via my phone because the internet on my computer is not working. This means that, until we get it working again (hopefully later today, possibly not until late Monday) I shall be unable to beta your beautiful requests. I feel awful about this. If you want to get different betas, I completely understand. But if you are patient, I would love to beta your stories as soon as my internet resumes. Manda and Jenn, I have already finished beta-ing what you both sent me. I hope that, since neither of your stories are challenge/compitition entries, that you'll both be patient. Posting on my phone is laborious, so I shan't be posting more until I can use my laptop. This post has already taken 30 minutes. Again, I am so sorry.

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