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Thread: Bookworm: Available unless Otherwise Specified

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    Hey, just like what we discussed

    Username: princessbipolar/immunity
    What you prefer to be called: Jane
    Title: Haven't decided yet.
    Ratings, Warnings: Probably 3rd-5th Years or 6th-7th years. Character Death. Mild Sexual Situations (possibly) and some others.
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chaptered but knowing that you don't have much time lately, probably just the 1st or 2nd chapter.
    Word Count: Chapters range on around 2,000+ words each.
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Yep, it's for the GH challenge.
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: Probably no, if you don't have the time.
    Summary (will edit later):

    Detective Arthur Aesalon sets out to find out the murderer responsible for Portia Nott's death -and the theft of the Cordalis Jewels. Rounding up the suspects, there's a bizarre cousin, an overly-friendly housewife, a heartless mother, a self-centered father, an arrogant sister and a mysterious brother. But the trouble was, who dunnit?

    Yet, as the story unfolds, it turns out that the murder wasn't the killer's ultimate motive. Lies and deceit are unfolded and a tragic past is revealed. Detective Arthur Aesalon finds out that things don't always seem the way they are...
    Ships: Well, there are but it's OC.
    Genre: Mystery
    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Brutally Honest. Seeing as how this is my first time writing on a challenge fic, I need all the help I can get.
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Just... Everything.


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    Man, Jane, you must like me.
    Ratings, Warnings: Probably 3rd-5th Years or 6th-7th years.
    I hope the chapters I get are the 3rd-5th year ones. Just sayin'.

    With that, I am currently Unavailable, peeps. Sorry. I have one more chapter left in one of the chaptered stories I'm beta'ing right now, though, so I'll be available for a new one soon.

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    Username: Sainyn Swiftfoot
    What you prefer to be called: BB! (with the exclamation mark, if possible. :P)
    Title: not titled yet
    Ratings, Warnings: 3rd-5th years; sexual situations and mild profanity
    One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: One-shot
    Word Count: 6-8K
    Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: I hope so. I'm writing it for the mysterious may challenge, prompt 1. I'm not sure if it fulfills the criteria of the challenge, though, but I'll be posting it on the archives nevertheless.
    Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: Nope.
    Summary: Humour. I haven't got a summary yet, but along these lines:

    What was in the vault numbered seven hundred and thirteen (and it's not spotted earmuffs, for sure)? Who took it? Why? Where is it now? Did Lord Voldemort die because of trying to breed Heliopaths with giants?

    Xenophilius Lovegood believes that sleuthing is a lot like reporting. He intends to find out, communicating with a mysterious student from Hogwarts. Will he uncover truths that should be hidden? Will he solve the case? Will the Quibbler break the news? Read all about it in Untitled. It's crazy, it's wacky, it's an epistolary with letters in between!*

    *Letters, or in other words, words.

    The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Brutally honest.
    Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Erm, I dunno, to be honest.
    What exactly is the function of a rubber duck? They've been planted in the Muggle world by Cornelius Fudge in his nefarious plan to bring down the Muggle Governments through a combination of exploding rubber duckies and cursed monkey tails.

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    BB! I would love to take this. Like I said, I just finished up with another fic, so I have just the spot for a one shot like yours!

    I am now, officially, Unavailable.
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