Hey, just like what we discussed

Username: princessbipolar/immunity
What you prefer to be called: Jane
Title: Haven't decided yet.
Ratings, Warnings: Probably 3rd-5th Years or 6th-7th years. Character Death. Mild Sexual Situations (possibly) and some others.
One-Shot, Chaptered, or Drabble: Chaptered but knowing that you don't have much time lately, probably just the 1st or 2nd chapter.
Word Count: Chapters range on around 2,000+ words each.
Is It a Competition Entry, Y/N: Yep, it's for the GH challenge.
Would you like a Permanent Beta, Y/N: Probably no, if you don't have the time.
Summary (will edit later):

Detective Arthur Aesalon sets out to find out the murderer responsible for Portia Nott's death -and the theft of the Cordalis Jewels. Rounding up the suspects, there's a bizarre cousin, an overly-friendly housewife, a heartless mother, a self-centered father, an arrogant sister and a mysterious brother. But the trouble was, who dunnit?

Yet, as the story unfolds, it turns out that the murder wasn't the killer's ultimate motive. Lies and deceit are unfolded and a tragic past is revealed. Detective Arthur Aesalon finds out that things don't always seem the way they are...
Ships: Well, there are but it's OC.
Genre: Mystery
The Style You would like Me to Beta your Fic in: Brutally Honest. Seeing as how this is my first time writing on a challenge fic, I need all the help I can get.
Anything in Particular You want Me to Watch out for? Just... Everything.