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Thread: Minister for Magic visiting the king?

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    Minister for Magic visiting the king?

    I was just wondering- do you think prior to Parliament and a Muggle Prime Minister do you think the new Minister of Magic would have visited the King/ Queen of England instead? If so, at what point do you think the switch from King to Minister would have been made?

    Just curious to see what you think.
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    I think it would largly depend on the time period. I feel like the prime minister was visited in DH because he wielded the most political power in Britain at the time. But if there was a crisis at an early point in history when the King and Queen had more political power, then they probably would have been visited by the Minister of Magic.

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    I think that the Minister for Magic would have visited the King or Queen before the Prime Minister became the most important political figure in Britain. Wasn't Nearly Headless Nick part of the Royal Court? He might have even been a wizarding ambassador or something of the sort.

    I don't think the early Prime Ministers would have been visited by the Minister because they didn't really have much power when they were created. It might have been in 1611 (I think) when a law was passed to give the Parliment more power than the King and supreme authority but I doubt it. It probably would have been during the reign of Queen Victoria (19th century) when a lot of power was passed from the Monarch to the Parliment.


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    To be honest, I think the King/Queen would know about the wizarding community in the time of the books. The wizarding community would technically his or her subjects, unless some arrangement had been made centuries ago that exempt them from that. If something like this existed, I think the monarch would probably be entitled to know. But yes, I think that in times where the monarchy held more power than they do now, it would be the King/Queen who the Minister went to. But the Statute of Secrecy came about after the Civil War and the Glorious Revolution, when the power of the monarchy was limited, so the kings would have known about the wizarding world anyway.

    I think the switch would have happened at the Glorious Revolution in 1688, which is when kings began having to apply to parliment for loads of things like passing new laws and imposing new taxes etc. It might have been one more humiliation for the king to have to watch parliment take on liasing with the wizards.

    Hope that helps!

    Sarah x

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    I like to think that the Minister of Magic does visit the Queen and has tea with her regularly.

    In this country, the Queen doesn't really wield much actual power but has a great deal of influence. Her subjects (ie us) probably hold her in more esteem that the Prime Minister and other politicians, so I can see the new MoM wanting to introduce himself (or herself) to her.

    The Monarch is the constant, the Prime Minister is temporary - rather like the Ministers for Magic.

    The Queen would be awfully polite as well, asking 'What do you do?' and then Philip would ruin it by being wildly tactless and asking if he'd known anyone burned at the stake.

    Oh, the plot bunnies rage inside me now. Prince Charles would adore Herbology.


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