Characters involved: The other tournement entrants from Beaxbatons.
Mood of plot bunny: Playful, sarcastic, slightly snippy.
Plot line:
There is a saying among the witches at our school, almost an unofficial motto.Oł va les dames de Beauxbatons, elligible les sorciers suivent. Where the ladies of Beauxbatons go, elligible wizards follow. I think it would be more correct to say, Where the ladies of Beauxbatons go, intruige follows. I am Marie Devereaux, and this is the story of the French Witches at Hogwarts.
The story begins with Madam Maxime announcing that select students shall be traveling to Hogwarts for the Tournement. The seventh years who do best at their classes over the next month shall be taken to England for a chance to represent their school. Among the seventh years of Beauxbatons, Fleur Delacour and Marie Devereaux (myself) are the ruling queens. The entire school is divided between we two. When we are both among the chosen students taken to England, tensions rise. Which witch will be chosen as the Beauxbatons champion? And which witch does Alexandre Sauvage really like?
Sorry for the terrible summary, but basically, I imagined this story to be from the perspective of Fleur's compitition, talking about the tournement, boys, who is going out with who, clothes, and fluff. If I had been able to write it, I would have made sure to be very satirical and sarcastic. I wanted to show just how absurd their competition is, which makes the tragic event of Cedric's death even more startling in contrast.
Other details:
I really rather like this bunny, but I find that I don't really have time for it, and it isn't really my sort of story anyway. I hope someone who will be able to do it justice will take it.