I was just browsing the Audrey Weasley thread and came across this little tidbit:

What kind of woman do you believe that Percy would be attracted to?
Maybe someone like Penelope Clearwater. I think she would be very Percy in personality.
Is this how most people see Penny? We're not given much about her in the books -- she's a bit snotty to "Crabbe and Goyle" when they ask her where the Slytherin common room is, but likely no worse than any other Ravenclaw (and we do have to remember that she's sneaking away from a snogging session with Percy, so she's probably a bit uptight about getting caught).

I do have some other questions about her, if folks would be willing to speculate.

All the physical evidence we get for her is she has long curly hair. What color is it? What kind of curly? Like, super tight curls or loose waves? What color are her eyes?

I've said hazel eyes in the past and skimmed over the fact of hair color, but I've always thought of her as having light hair.

Also, when do you think she and Percy broke up? When they were still at school or after they graduated? Would it still be a cordial relationship or a bit embittered? Do you think she and Audrey knew each other first, and that's how Percy met his wife? (In however a roundabout fashion.)

I'm just so very curious.