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    Today, I was looking for a good piece of fiction that I could read on this rainy day. What I had noticed however (while reading the rules of the forum) was that out links to other fan fiction sites are banned. I find this restricting the amount of very well written fiction from being read. While I agree that there should be no links to youtube, hulu, veoh, etc. I think that site links to a Harry Potter fanfiction archive is okay.

    To support this notion I ask you to take a look at the categories on MNFF, if you tally it all up it comes to only 8,719 fiction. While FFN has over 400,000, which means that people don't know about over 391,281 stories that are (sometimes) really good. Though this doesn't even cover the other fanfiction websites out there.

    I know this means promoting other websites, which isn't good for the trafficking of the site, but isn't this whole forum in general about the joy of reading Harry Potter fanfiction?

    Just my opinion, hope you'll consider it.

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    The reason we do not allow links to other sites is because we do not have any control over the content outside of our MNFF walls.

    We are a family site and we have standards which our writers are held to in order to keep our home family friendly.

    While I understand that it can be a bit tedious to search all over creation and back to find a good fiction, it is, in the long run, for the comfort and safety of our members. (Parents trust us . . .)

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