So a weird little hypothetical sprang to mind just now, and I kind of want to know peoples' opinions on it.

Say it's around the time that the next generation of wizards would be hitting Hogwarts, and the school governors (or whoever talks about issues at the school) had a radical new proposal. Some parents may remember the Sorting Hat's warning against letting house rivalries divide the students. Some may remember all the animosity between houses, and the stubborn prejudices that get attached to you depending on your house (Gryffindors are the good guys, Slytherins the bad guys, Ravenclaws are smart, and Hufflepuffs are spares - or, alternately, Ravenclaw AND Hufflepuff are the spare houses). Maybe they also remember the camaraderie you had with fellow members of your house. Maybe they remember how much the points system and House Cup regulated behavior, certain would-be troublemakers backing down in the face of probable hatred from their peers. Keeping all this - and whatever other concerns you can think of - in mind, as a concerned parent, would you be for or against abolishing the house system?