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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 21

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    rachelnotrach - I sent you a PM that should help. Let me know!

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    Midnight Storm
    Hey, Mods!

    My MNFFBB account seems to be a bit dodgy. I put in my username and password, it says 'Thank you for logging in, Midnight Storm,' but then it reloads as a non-logged-in page. However, my name is still present in the 'online users'.

    It keeps happening more and more regularly. It tooks me three hours before I could log in, today.


    It can happen at any moment. For example, last week I was looking through some BA threads. I clicked on somebody else's thread, and the 'you do not hanve permission, please log in' page appeared. I logged in, but the page reloaded as the login screen again.

    This is immensley frustrating, is becoming more and more common. Sometimes I write a reply on a post, press 'submit', but then it tells me I'm not logged in. I log in, and the 'please log in' screen returns.

    Also (and I don't know if this is relevant), yesterday, I went on to the beta boards but all I could see was:

    400 Bad Request
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a messagethat this server could not understand.
    Apache/2.2.0 (Fedora) / Server at Port 80

    It hadn't redirected me to some fake site: was still in the address bar.

    I figured I'd go to the beta boards through MNFF, but that wasn't working either! The main main Mugglenet site was though, but if I clicked on 'fanfiction', the error message appeared.

    The '400 Bad Request' problem has happened much less than the login problem. I don't think the two problems are related, as the second had nothing to do with logging in. I just thought I should let you know.

    ~Midnight Storm

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    Midnight Storm: I can't really say what's causing the "400 Bad Request" error to show up, but about your first problem, one question that comes to my mind is: did you try deleting your cookies? Because sometimes it happens to me too, and clearing my cookies usually solves the log in problem. Until it happens again... Maybe another mod will have a more complete answer for you though. I'll see what I can do.

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    Midnight Storm
    Thanks to Viv for help with the cookies problem (as well as Megan and Jess who contacted me through PM)

    A friend of mine's account doesn't seem to work properly on here. She sent me a message (via email, not PM) saying that she wanted a beta for a story but it wouldn't let her post. I told her she needed to be Sorted first, and to send a message to the SortingHat. She told me she couldn't work out how to do that. In the end, she gave me her username and password, and said I should just do it. So I logged in through her account, and I realised why nothing was working. This is what it looks like when she logs in:



    And that's all she can see. She can't send PMs, or anything. SortingHat doesn't even appear in the Members List. It wouldn't have mattered, though - my account did, but when I tried to send a PM to this account through hers, it said her account didn't have permission. I'm thinking maybe her account wasn't activated properly, or something? Anyway, it's way out of my technological capabilities, so I've got to hand it over to the mods

    ~Midnight Storm

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    All right...there did seem to be a problem with her usergroup (maybe her account wasn't activated properly - I'm not quite sure) Anyway, I flipped a switch...maybe she could try logging in now? If not, please contact me by email - Thanks

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    Midnight Storm
    Everybody seems to have moustaches on their banners. What's with that??

    ~Moustache-less Midnight Storm (Lily and James are far too close to have moustaches anyway, I guess)

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    Sailing Girl

    12 Grimmauld Place

    Just a question, but what is No.12 Grimmauld Place for?
    Its always empty...
    Sailing Girl x

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    I've expirienced some trouble registering. I can't access this forum when logged in, so I'm commenting unregisterd. when I'm not logged in, I can see 5 forums. when I am logged in, I can only see 3. When I click a certain link to something within the forums I cannot see, it says I have no premission to access the forum. Is there a verifycation e-mail that's supposed to be sent to my email? because I didn't get one.


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    Young Grasshopper:

    Yes, it says it is waiting for an email confirmation. Check your junk mail and make sure you didn't miss anything.

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    Young Grasshopper:

    I know that gmail accounts do work with this site, as I use one myself. Recently, some emails have been slightly delayed, so the problem might solve itself with some patience.
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