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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 21

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    I have checked my email a few times during the day now, the junk mail AND inbox and got nothing. do Gmail accounts even work with your system? Is there a possibility for another confirmation email to be sent?


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    Maybe this was answered a while ago, but what happened to the Professors rating on the archives? As the site decided to no longer accept stories with such ratings?

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    Molly that's odd. Did it get lost for you? Because I still have the "Professors" rating here when I go to the submission form. What skin do you use? Try switching to the "dragon" skin and look for it there if all else fails...

    Maybe you just didn't spot it, because it's not at the bottom of the list. Almost happened to me...
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    Midnight Storm
    Well, I'm trying to send a PM just now and this keeps appearing:

    This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 4041 seconds.
    And when I refresh the page, the number of seconds is lower (it was 4156 when I first began).

    I'm not dying to send this PM or anything, but I just thought I should let you know in case there's a glitch of some sort.


    EDIT: "This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 1073 seconds." - nearly there!

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    Just posting to say that the above problem posted by Midnight Storm has happened to me several times. Usually I just wait a few hours and I can send the PM, though.

    Just thought I should let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Storm
    Everybody seems to have moustaches on their banners. What's with that??
    Excuse me, Mods, but I don't think this question was answered, and, as I'd really rather like to know about the mustaches, too, I thought I'd bring it up again.


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    So I requested to join the Student user group well over a month ago. Now it doesn't seem crucial since it doesn't look like there are classes going on, but I was wondering what is the normal wait time to be accepted into that usergroup? Is there any reason I wouldn't be accepted? Or is just because there are no classes going on right now?

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    Let me take a whack at these . . .

    Annie and Annalise: I too have been victim of the pesky timer thing when trying to send PMs. (It usually hits when I am sending letters from the Sorting Hat to a dozen or so people and having to remember to wait a minute between each one.)

    Really, all we have found so far is you simply have to pace your PMs. Refreshing your window (as you have discovered) will only give you some insane amount of time to wait and it will hold you to it. Sometimes it will start with the insane amount of time and, again, it will hold you to it. The best advise I can give? If it sends you that message, go grab a bite to eat and meet some friends for an epic movie. For now it's out of our hands.

    gwendalynne and Annie: If you find an answer to the mustache thing, please shoot me a PM. I've been wondering the same thing myself.

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    Rachel, you might want to shoot a PM to profposky and/or mudbloodproud asking about the usergroup joining. Maybe they just missed your request.

    About the moustaches, you might want to contact clabbert2101. She seems to be the one who started it. She can probably explain.

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    My friend flowerpots just made an account and she is having the same trouble that Midnight Storm asked about on 28/1/11. Colores said she flipped a switch as there was something wrong with a usergroup? Could that be done for flowerpots?


    Edit: She just told me that her internet dicsconected while she was regestering(sp?) and then she couldn't regester so she tried logging on and it worked but she could only see the limited screen. Could this be why the account didn't active properly??
    Edit 2: She also doesn't show up in the members list.

    Sorry for all the edits, i'm just trying to give you as much information as I can
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