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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 21

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    I'm having some issues submitting a poem to the archives. The site says that it fails to meet the minimum word count. I submitted it to the poetry genre, and I was under the impression that poetry is exempt from length restrictions.


  2. 03-28-2011, 11:01 PM

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    AidaLuthien: I'm pretty sure this question has been asked in this thread previously, so next time, please check carefully before you post. Have you tried deleting your cookies when this happens? Because that's what I do and it usually stops the problem.

    MissMeg: Poems are technically exempt from the words limit, though the archives won't accept a submission that is under 100 words. So that may be why it won't let you submit it. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about it. Sorry.

    Bine: Add your author notes and chapter notes to the actual story text to get your poem to more than 100 words. Poetry is the only category where we allow that.

    LollyLovesick: If it is the email you're using on the archives that you want to change, then yes, it is possible. If you go to Account Info, and then click on Edit Bio, you should have access to your address. I've changed it before myself so... But for the forums, you can't change it.

    Nicole's Edit: Actually, the email issue is something that can be changed by an admin. PM me your email address of preference and I'll take care of it in the next 48 hours. I poked around and remembered how to adjust those!

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    Hi mods, I'm trying to send my brawl drabble to Carole, but my PM system doesn't seem to be working. It's been fine all day, but now I get the message '1.This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 1676 seconds.' It's been like this for about five minutes, and the number goes up and down. I've tried clearing cookies and everything, but nothing's working.

    Sarah x

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    Sorry, Mods,

    I don't mean to step on any toes, but just to let Sarah know that I got the drabble for the brawl.


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