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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 21

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    To answer the other question . . .

    If you edit your story while it is in the queue then yes, it gets moves to the "bottom on the barrel."


    Book Seven includes so many pivotal plot points that some people's WIPs don't work well with many of them so they choose this warning. (like mine . . .)

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    Hi. I took the sorting quiz and received a PM from the SortingHat telling me I was in Hufflepuff, but I don't think I've actually been sorted yet. That was a few months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liandrin
    Q: After how many days or weeks should one contact a submissions mod about a chapter still in queue?

    I ask because I had submitted a chapter and went to check on it two days later, and it was not there. I assumed that it had been rejected, but I received no email (even checked spam), so I resubmitted the chapter on 22-02-11.
    We were having email problems last week which may have been the reason you didn't receive a rejection letter. The only chapter of yours that I can see in the queue is dated the 1st March. This is still over the usual waiting time though, so you should see it modded in the next day or so (I'm likely to be going into the queue myself at some point this evening so will try and get to it.)

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    Q: After how many days or weeks should one contact a submissions mod about a chapter still in queue?

    I ask because I had submitted a chapter and went to check on it two days later, and it was not there. I assumed that it had been rejected, but I received no email (even checked spam), so I resubmitted the chapter on 22-02-11.

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    alydelacour - mudbloodproud, Head of House of Hufflepuff, is currently experiencing trouble with her internet connection. That's most likely why she hasn't sorted you yet. I as the prefect of Hufflepuff can't sort, so maybe if you send a PM to one of the admins (Phoenix5225 or NikkiSue), then you'll get sorted into Hufflepuff quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Nicole's edit: Taken care of. Sorry for the wait.

    Soraya - Your story is at the top of D/A. However, D/A is one of our open categories, so there is no specific mod in charge. The only way is either contact anyone or wait a little bit more. Someone will most likely get to it soon.

    Sertil - I'll poke our admins about your sister's troubles. Sorry for the wait.
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    Hi, so my sister sent all the information about her logging in troubles to the other email ( like Phoenix5225 said, and we were just wondering if you guys got it, and if you had any ideas about what she can do. Sorry if we're bugging you!

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    Hi, I posted this on the comments of the email thing on the archives but after reading Liandrin's question, I thought I'd post here too.

    My chapter's been in the queue for seven days. When is the point where I should contact the mod in charge of my category? (It's Dark/Angsty by the way.) I don't think it's ever been in the queue for quite so long and I have tried emailing the mod in charge of the categories without a specified mod but s/he hasn't replied. I sent this quite a few days ago regarding my chapter and I'd really like it to be validated as I received a rejection email the first time round (from ProfPosky who I've also emailed but received no reply from) and yet it was still validated. But, because of the mod's comments, I decided to take the chapter down anyway to make the suggested changes. Now, seven days after submitting, my story has neither been rejected or validated, so please let me know what the current situation is at the moment. Thanks for your cooperation and apologies for any inconvenience caused.


  8. 03-11-2011, 05:02 AM

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    I had a story I started for Winter Snows '08. At least, I think it was '08. I validated the first chapter December '08. I'd really like to finish this story, but I'd like the prompt to work off of. Does any mod or is there any in the forum that has old challenges or Winter Snows prompts? I'd love to finish this story, but I just can't remember specifics about the prompt!

    Kara Edit: I'll PM you the prompts, I hope they're the right ones!

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    This is not very important --it's just something that's been bothering me. When I post something, the date and time I posted is my time zone (i.e GMT) But when I look at other people's posts they are not necessarily the same (as in they post after me, but the time of post is before). Like Equinox Chick has just posted the Brawl results for week two. Now since the survey didn't close until 3pm GMT how come it says that she posted it at 1pm?

    Like I said this is not important, but time confuses me enough anyway so I was just wondering if this is a glitch or whether the times people post is their time zone or something like that.

    Just curious.
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    Mods, hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but as the Brawl is kinda my baby (adopted from Teh Ebil One) and I can see timing issues, I wanted to clear this up.

    I work on GMT for the Brawl and use the clock on my laptop as my timer. Unfortunately, my posts on the boards change to 2 hours earlier on some threads. In TTB, my posts show the wrong time stamp. In the Reference Desk, they show the correct time stamp. I have, on occasions, had posts jump ahead of other people on the same time zone as me. It is irritating, so I hope people can work out their own time zones instead of relying on the board's timings .


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