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Thread: Very AU non-Dramione

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    Very AU non-Dramione

    I'm wondering if there are some AU fics out there (not Dramione or Draco/Ginny) in which Voldy wins. If not, anything that's just really AU is good. Except please not Dramione.


    Edit: Ack, I somehow seem to have posted this in the wrong place. (I meant to post it in "what I'd like to see".) But I can't figure out how to delete it!

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    Edit3: Great reccomendations! I love them!
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    This one is complete fluff but it doesn't fit the Voldemort thing but it's pretty AU.

    A Cinderella Story - In the Universe of Harry Potter by Powerful_Quill
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    Ooh, I often look for these fics too and they're hard to find - for some reason, Voldie winning seems to go hand in hand with Dramione!

    Halfway to Infinity by Eponine is an amazing AU fic. I have just taken over as the beta, having read the first 40 chapters in a day. It's a bit different to usual voldie wins fics in that it is set 50 years after the war, and features almost entirely OCs. However, it is definitely a good read - it is so long that you quickly grow to know and love the OCs, and there are some familiar canon characters in there too. It's a great mix of action and other elements and not romance based at all - completely plot focused.

    Best of all it'll keep you going for a while. ANd before you worry that it's incomplete, I can tell you that it's all been written and is being betaed as fast as I can go, so you'll be seeing frequent updates!

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