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Thread: Ron's career

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    Ron's career

    I was driving to work today and suddenly wondered about Ron's career and if anyone had written about it. In particular, how he became an Auror with Harry, and even more specifically, how and why he decided to give that up to work with George instead. I'd be interested in reading about his decision, and his conversations with Harry, Hermione, George, etc. about quitting the Ministry to work at the shop. I don't know why, I'm just sort of curious about it.


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    I haven't read any fics about Ron's career, but I think that you might have that backwords. I thought that Ron worked with George for awhile, to help him get back on his feet without Fred, and THEN Ron went to work as an auror...

    Dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but that was what I thought JK said.

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    JK has said he became an Auror and also helped George at the shop.

    She also said that immediately after the Battle, Kingsley asked Harry,Ron and Neville to help him round up the remaining Death Eaters. You can play this both ways. He became an Auror after the battle and then joined George, or he helped Kingsley then helped George get back on his feet before returning to become an Auror at a later date.

    In the Epilogue, Ron is a confident man joking about the fact that he's famous (he clearly isn't). I think he comes across as someone who's found his niche in life and perhaps that's not as Harry's sidekick in the Auror office.

    Neil (Northumbrian) has written a fic or two on this subject 'Aurors and Schoolgirls' springs to mine. (I would search for the link, but my laptop's a bit funny.


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    JKR's statements on Ron's career are contradictory, and there is no way around that. She does say that Ron helps George, but she also says that Kingsley recruits Harry, Ron and Neville into the Auror Office.

    My solution is to do both. Ron is working and training as an Auror while also trying to help Ron and in the overarching plot which comprises Grave days, Aurors and Schoolgirls, Hunters and Prey and The Slytherin Four there are parallels between Ron’s and Neville’s careers.

    I haven’t finished writing them all yet, but in these four stories both Ron and Neville eventually decide to leave the Auror Office, Ron to join George full time and Neville to teach, but they won’t leave until they have crossed off every name in “the list” of Death Eaters and other combatants wanted for their part in the Battle of Hogwarts. They will only quit when they have finally brought Colin Creevey’s killer to justice.


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