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Thread: Vocabulary advice

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    British slang

    I can't find an open 'being British' thread anywhere, so thought I'd ask here.

    I've heard that in Britain police officers can be referred to as pigs. Is it old-fashioned or is it still used? And if so, can police station be a piggery?

    I browsed Urban Dictionary online and it was inconclusive. I know that at some point piggery was a police station, but would an averaba British person understand if Draco Malfoy used a phrase, "one of the Thickest Bigs of the Wizarding Piggeries"?

    If the answer to all of the questions is no, can anyone tell me what could Malfoy call that cop? Thanks.

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    Your question's been answered in the Being British thread, but I thought I'd add here that Malfoy probably wouldn't know about policemen. Wizards don't seem to know much about Muggle life, and in book four, one wizard calls them 'please men' rather than policemen. Draco seems like the type of wizard who wouldn't know what one was, as his family are rather prejudice.

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    Ok I'm british and I have to say I've never heard anybody refer to a policestation as a piggery but that said coppers get called Pigs all the time so in context it would make sense as a reference. However it is a muggle term and I've seen no evidence in the HP books that the term "pig" has stretched into the wizarding world nor have I seen any specific wizarding police so I'm a little unsure that it would work as a whole

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