Yes, I know Quebec speaks French as a first language, and yes, I know it was French to begin with, and yes I know they try to seperate from Canada every once and a while. What I was trying to say is I don't think that wizards are so far behind in times that they still think it as a French colony. Also, culturally, Quebec is kinda differenct from France. If they considered Quebec a French colony, would they also consider New Brunswick and parts of Ontario as French, as they were also French colonies? Regardless of their history, they are technically still under British rule (because Canada has a weird government system - constitutional monarchy). However, if they stopped changing their borders after the Statute of Secrecy, it would be French as Britain gained Canada after 1689. This, however, doesn't fit canon, as then there would be no United States, and she clearly mentions it in GoF and Quiddich Through the Ages.

As much as people want to think that the wizarding world is very much seperate from the Muggle world, it really isn't that seperate at all. Wizards are very in touch with Muggles, as many of them are Muggleborn, or have Muggle parents, relatives, etc. As well, if they did have different geography, all the Muggleborns would have to learn a completely different globe. The idea of Uganda makes sense to me, in the fact that she mentioned it to show that wizards do keep up with geography. For me, there doesn't seem to be any reason for wizards to have different geography. It would just make a lot more trouble for them.