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Thread: A believable Draco/Astoria romance

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    A believable Draco/Astoria romance

    Hi there everyone :-)

    So I've read quite a few fics lately where Draco and Astoria's relationship is portrayed as nothing more than a forced, loveless match witch resulted from their families wishing that they make the tie. They also seem to be horrible parents who neglect Scorpius.

    Has anyone read/seen a fic somewhere which is just a nice love story between to two of them, which ends happily with the two of them in a loving marriage?

    Any rating, any warning.

    Thanks xxx

    EDIT: Make that a CHAPTERED fic, if they exist :-)

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    Well apart from the one I recommended to you earlier (coughmyowncough), I've remembered these two.

    A Truth Universally Acknowledged by luinrina


    A Christmas to Remember by luinrina


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    Astoria Greengrass
    Well....*coughnudgecough*... you could read mine. I only have the Prologue and Chapter One finished so far because I've been very busy. Although my story starts with an assumed dislike, I promise you that by the end the two will be inseperable. I want them to fall in love in a completely in-canon and believable way that does not distort the characterization in the books.

    Here it is: Falling Star: The Untold Story of Astoria Greengrass

    Sidenote: I need reviews! Tell me what you think!

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    Thanks, I'll check these out

    Any more recommendations are always welcomed !

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    Eh hem

    Your Son by MerrryD is good, but it's a one-shot, and it is after the relationship has moved on to marriage and kids.

    Also, if I remember correctly, I thought Superiority and Sarcasm by R_Ravenclaw, was pretty good, but it too is a one-shot.

    And *advertisingshamelessly* I have a DM/AG drabble, A Chance for Love by Moi , that you can find in my drabble thread. It may one day be developed into a chaptered fic...

    (P.S. I would love a review on it.)

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